Yue's Quests (RF2)


[edit] First Generation Quests

[edit] First Quest

In this quest, Yue wants you to get her Honey. She heard that eating Honey everyday will improve skin complexion. She says you can find one in Trieste Forest. Sure enough, you find it. After giving it to her, she thanks you, and says that it's hard for a girl to maintain her beauty. She rewards you with Daikon Seeds, and tells you to grow big turnips with them.

[edit] Second Quest

In this quest, Yue wants you to get her a Panther Claw. The people in another town are paying loads of money for them, and she wants to take advantage of this! She says that only good merchants seize opportunities like this. She's heard that the Shadow Panther on Blessia Island drops them at night. After you give one to her, she thanks, and says that she might even take you on a date if you keep up the good work! Your reward is a Rice Ball she baked herself.

[edit] Third Quest

Yue's got a stain in her kimono, and she heard White Grass juice can take out stains. She doesn't have any with her, and she can't focus on her business without the awful stain distracting her. Give her some White Grass, and you'll be rewarded with Fried Eggs.

[edit] Fourth Quest

Yue's going to trek across the Phantom Sand Dunes, and she's heard there very dangerous to cross. Tiny pieces of glass make up the sand dunes, blinding anyone that crosses over them. You're surprised they exist, and Yue is, too. Most of the people that have entered them have gotten lost, and she's scared of what will happen to her! A Shade Stone can block out the reflections, and make it easier for her to cross. You can find one in Messhina Valley, where you usually mine. Once you give it to her, she'll reward you with Hachimaky and 100 pieces of wood.

[edit] Fifth Quest

In this quest, Yue needs you to give her 1000G. A nobleman in another town named Cesar keeps flirting with her. He flirts with lots of people, but he seems to like her better than the others. Yue doesn't like him at all, but he doesn't notice that. She told him she had a boyfriend, but he didn't believe her. She needs to get an expensive Engagement Ring to trick him. She doesn't have enough money for one, so she asks you for 1000G. Your options are:

  • Give her 1000G
She thanks you, and rewards you with.. a kiss on the cheek! She can't reward you with anything, but she assures you the kiss was meaningful.
  • I'm sorry, but I can't.

[edit] Sixth Quest

In this quest, Yue needs a Char. She asks you to catch her one from Blessia Island. You can use a Char you've already caught for this quest. Your reward is Apple Pie.

[edit] Seventh Quest

Yue's making an original kimono, and she needs three different grasses to use for dyes. She specifically asks for Red Grass, Blue Grass, and Yellow Grass. She tells you you can find them on Blessia Island, but grasses you already have work, too. Your reward is 500G.

[edit] Eighth Quest

In this quest, all you need to do is talk to Yue. Once you've finished conversing, she'll reward you with Miso Eggplant.

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