Your Child (AWL)

[edit] Basic Information

Once you get married you will have a son, your son is one of most important things in this game. He will get a job later on in the game, if you would like to give him a specific job you must influence him yourself.

[edit] Career Options


    Become friends with carter and take him to the dig site often. Use your Milker instead of your hands as well.


    Become good friends with Cody and take your son there often. Buy him a colouring book and let him use it as much as he wants.


    Avoid using your horse and take him to Wally’s nearly every day. Make sure you are good friends with them and let him play with a ball.


    Bring him to Gustafa's Hut as much as you can.

Produce Farmer

    Show your son seeds, crops and and trees. Become good friends with Vesta and take him there everyday. Use fertilizer as much as possible.


    Milk the cows by hand and snuggle them regularly. Keep your son around the farm as much as possible. Milk the cows by hand too.


    Take him to Daryl’s lab every day and become good friends with him. Make sure he plays with the toy car. Use your milker instead of your hands as well.

[edit] His Interests

This is how you can tell what job he wants. You can only really influence him by doing stuff with him the first year you get him.

2nd Chest

    This means he is an obedient child.

2nd Painting

    Great friends with gustafa and likes art.

A Painting

    He is good friends with Gustafa and he likes to paint when he can.


    Likes to read (interested in learning).

Dead branch or Wooden Box

    He's mischievous.

Empty Flask

    He is mischievous but is also into science and learning.


    He is a good friend with Kassey and Patrick.

Metal Sheets

    He is a good friend with Cody.

Potted Plant

    He likes plants and seeds.

Sake Bottle

    He is a mischievous child but will listen to what you have to say.


    He likes exercise and fitness.


    He is interest in science and learning.


    He is good friends with Tim and Ruby.


    Likes health and fitness.

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