Weapons, Tools, and Wands

In Rune Factory Frontier, Weapons, Tools, and Wands are the main part of fighting and running a farm. Here is how to get/make weapons and tools that you will need.


[edit] Weapons

Weapons are the main form of physical fighting in the game. There are multiple types of main weapons, secondary weapons, and other types of weapons.

[edit] Main Types

The main types of weapons are weapons strictly based for fighting with no other real use. These items can be purchased early on at Ganesha's store and made with basic materials at the forge. The include:

  • One-Handed Swords: Basic swords that are speedy, but not incredibly strong. They are built for hit-and-run tactics and speed tactics.
  • Two-Handed Swords: Larger swords that require two hands to hold. These swords are very strong, but lack much speed. They are harder to use because of their lack of accuracy combined with lack of speed, but higher level swords have great specials.
  • Spears: Spears are the in-between weapons and posses the power to hit enemies from afar. Spears lack accuracy, but have a good range priority and can give you strong ranged tactics.

[edit] Secondary Types

Secondary weapons are weapons that are built for fighting and also for other types of jobs such as mining and wood cutting. The secondary weapons are:

  • Axes: Axes are mainly based on short range strikes with good power. They have very good accuracy and specials pack a punch.
  • Hammers: Hammers like axes are a powerhouse weapons and can do massive damage with specials. Sadly, their speed and accuracy is lack-luster.
  • Sickle: Although mainly a farming weapon, they possibly have the best accuracy because of their swiping attacks.

[edit] Other Weapons

Other weapons are any other type of tool that can be used to attack. They include:

  • Hoes: The hoe is a weak weapon, but can still be used to attack.
  • Watering Can: Strangely enough, the watering can is used to attack enemies. It does have a wide range, but is weak.

[edit] Wands

Wands are new to Rune Factory and posses great power. Every wand has its own magic and element affinity. Wands provide great long range attacks that do good amounts of damage. There are four types of wands in the game, each with an affinity based on the crystals and materials used to make them:

  • Earth Wands
  • Fire Wands
  • Storm Wands
  • Air Wands

[edit] Making Weapons

In Rune Factory Frontier, you can make weapons and wands using the forge. Making weapons is a good use of materials gotten from killing enemies and provides a cheap way to get power.

[edit] Getting the Forge

To get the forge you must first talk to Lute, the peddler. He will only appear on Holidays in Town Square or wandering around. Speak to him and purchase the Handy Forge for your home. In your home the basic forge you bought will appear in the lower right. You can later expand your Forge room by talking to Kross in which you can then purchase higher level Forge's from Lute. The better the forge the more items you can combine.

[edit] Basic Recipe Books

If your not sure what items you can combine to make new weapons then you'll need a recipe book. A few basic tools books for weapons and wands can be bought from Selphy at the Rune Archives. You can also get a basic tool book from Ganesha, the half-elf blacksmith.

[edit] Getting Raw Materials

Getting materials to make weapons and staffs is very simple. Most raw materials can be gotten from killing enemies. Some materials, mainly crystals, can be bought. Crystals can be found at the blacksmith's store. After some time passes, Ganesha will sell higher level crystals.

[edit] Tools

Tools are used in your everyday life of Rune Factory, so thats why its so important to get them. Here are the tools and how to get them:

  • Cheap Hoe: Gotten by Mist in the beginning of the game.
  • Cheao Watering Can: Gotten by Mist in the beginning of the game.
  • Cheap Sickle: Til 45 plots of land with the hoe and talk to Erik.
  • Cheap Axe: Til 45 plots of land with the hoe and talk to the lady in the Church.
  • Cheap Hammer: Talk to Melody inside of Whale Island.
  • Cheap Fishing Rod: Talk to Cinnamon in the evening when shes fishing outside of Homestead.
  • Pet Glove: Talk to Kross after fighting monsters on Whale Island.
  • Harvester: Talk to Candy when she moves in with Cinnamon.

[edit] Upgrading Tools

Upgrading tools is very simple. First you will need the recipe books for the tool you want. There are two tool recipe books. The first one was mentioned before for basic tools, the book for advanced tools can be purchased at the Rune Archives once Selphy upgrades her stock. You will have to upgrade tools in order, meaning you can't upgrade a low level tool to a high level tool, you have to go from a low level tool to a medium-low level tool and so on. Upgraded tools will have better advantages:

  • Watering cans will water more land.
  • Hoes will hoe more land.
  • Sickles will cut more weeds.
  • Hammers will smash larger rocks faster.
  • Axes will cut stumps faster.
  • Fishing Rod will catch higher level fish.

Although higher level tools use more energy, as long as you have a high enough skill the nergy consumption will equal what you were using with past tools.

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