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[edit] Villagers

Aside from the bachelorettes, there are 17 other people living in Kardia Village. They each are unique and have their own likes and dislikes. Try befriending them all for a fun challenge!

Jean Rosetta's Father and he runs a Supply shop of sorts.

BirthDay: Spring 3rd

Likes: -Bullhorn -Moondrop -Salted Chub (Frying Pan Lv 4) -salted Rainbow Trout (Frying Pan Lv 7)

Edward The Local doctor and Camus's father.

BirthDay: Winter 8th

Likes: -Antidotal Herb -Fried Skipjack** (Frying Pan Lv 47) -Sashimi of: Rainbow trout, Masu Trout, Salmon and Snapper

Jasper The Wealthiest Man in Kardia Village and he is Bianca's father. BirthDay: Summer 3rd

Likes: -All kinds of Crops (Cub, Tomato, Pumpkin, Onion, etc.) -Cooked fish (except trouts) -Milk -Omelette** (Frying Pan Lv 35) -Royal Curry (Pot Lv 90)

Russell Owns the local libray and is Ceccelia's father. BirthDay: Spring 20th

Likes: -Chinese Manju** (Steamer Lv 8) -Corn

Wesley The local Priest and Larra's father.

BirthDay: Winter 17th

Likes: -Dry Curry (Frying Pan Lv 36) -Orange Juice** (Mixer Lv 8) -Steamed Cake (Steamer Lv 25) -Tomato Juice (Mixer Lv 5)

Godwin The Mayor of Kardia and Felicity's father.

BirthDay: Summer 23th

Likes: -Boiled Gyoza** (Pot Lv 20) -Pineapple -Wool

Nicholas Sabrina's and Neumann's son, and has taken a liking to Cecilia.

BirthDay: Summer 30th

Likes: -Coloured grass -Stew (Pot Lv 40) -Strawberry

Cecilia Russel's Daughter, she is also half elf and is fond of going in caves.

BirthDay: Summer 12th

Likes: -All kinds of jewels (Ruby, Aquamiarine, Amethyst, Emerald, Sapphire, etc.) -Aquamarine** -Strawberry milk

Sabrina Nicholas's mother, she owns the Fishing shop by the beach.

BirthDay: Winter 4th

Likes: -Any Sashimi -Grape Liqueur** (Pot Lv 8)

Neumann Nicholas's father, he owns Neumanns farm.

BirthDay: Spring 13th

Likes: -Egg -Fried Snapper (Fryin Pan Lv 45) -Grilled Shrimp** (Knife Set Lv 25)

Luke A traveler and a poet who has got his heart set on Rosetta.

BirthDay: Winter 28th

Likes: -Fried Squid (Frying Pan Lv 12) -Moondrop -Strawberry -Whitestone (friendiness +8)

Ivan A Merchant who peddles from city to city with his goods.

BirthDay: unkown

Likes: unknown

Zavier A fiery young boy who explores caves, he has a soft spot for Mist.

BirthDay: Summer 13th

Likes: -Apple -Cornflakes (Frying Pan Lv 10) -Medicinal Herb -Tomato

Emmett The Local Bar owner of the Spring Rabbit.

BirthDay: Spring 30th

Likes: -Ultimate Curry (Pot Lv 38) -Wine (available in the Bar) -Rare Wine +7

Lady Ann The local Inn owner, she is the mother of Zavier and Tori

BirthDay: Summer 20th

Likes: -Curry Udon (Pot Lv 16) -Pineappple Juice (Mixer Lv 3) (Available at Sabrina's store) -Sweet Poatao -Toyherb

Camus He owns the monster supply shop, he is Edwards son. He also has a small crush on Melody. BirthDay: Autumn 14th

Likes: -Coloured grass -Milk -Tomato Juice

Leo He owns the local blacksmith's shop.

BirthDay: Winter 11th

Likes: -Butter (Mixer Lv 15) -Bronze Bracelet** (Decoration Lv 5) -Curry Powder -Flour -Rice Dumplings -Salted Pond Smelt (Frying Pan Lv 18)

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