Van's Shop (AnWL)

A screenshot of Van's shop.


[edit] Background

Although you can ship your crops and dairy products through your own farm, you can not ship your other products such as herbs and fish. For this, we use Van. He will take those herbs and fish off your hands, giving you a pretty hefty sum of money!

His shop is open on the 3rd and 8th of every month, to the right of the Inn (if you are facing the front), to the left of the tree. The time that he opens varies anywhere from 11AM-12, but he closes promptly at 6.

[edit] Purchases

Throughout the game, Van will sell things that are unavailable anywhere else. These include new pairs of clothes, interiors for your house, medicines, and toys for your child.

  • Things that are in italics are new outfits. The "Interior Designs" are new interiors for your home. Outfits and interiors may not come in the correct chapter, because to unlock the clothing you must look into your mirror a certain number of times.

Chapter One

Turbojolt 750G
Bodigizer 750G
Bodyhyper 1000G
Brush 500G
Fishing Rod 500G
I Love Bears 500G
MooMoo Summer 1000G
Oranger Z 1500G
Check Girl 2000G

Chapter 2

Turbojolt 750G
Bodigizer 750G
Bodyhyper 1000G
Ball 350G
Car 500G
Blocks 350G
Goat 4000G
Five Oh Four 2500G
Milky Charm 3000G
Cat Classic 3500G
Interior Design 2 5000G
Interior Design 3 30000G
Interior Design 4 100000G

Chapter 3

Turbojolt 750G
Bodigizer 750G
Bodyhyper 1000G
Teddy Bear 1200G

Chapter 4

Turbojolt 750G
Bodigizer 750G
Bodyhyper 1000G
Vase 4000G

[edit] Selling

If you are selling things to Van, moving your joystick to the left or right will make the number of things you wish to sell go up or down faster. This is especially useful if you have a large number of the same item that you wish to sell.

[edit] Haggling

If you are selling something rare or important, you can haggle prices with Van. If he gives you a price and you refuse, occasionally he will bump the price. It is very rare that he bumps it twice in a row, so be careful if you get a good offer! If he raises the price and you still refuse, he will go back to the first price and sometimes you can't get it bumped up again.

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