Uzuki is a bachelorette in the game Rune Factory Frontier. She is from a distant, foreign land and a little bug-like creature named Tsubute follows her around; in fact, he is overprotective of her and threatens you against flirting, or having "impure" thoughts about his mistress. Uzuki has come in search of her missing brother and she asks for your help in finding him. She arrives in the village on Spring 11; when you walk into the Inn, you will literally run into her. After that, she will spend her mornings practicing with her Naginata sword in front of the Inn, and most of the rest of her days fishing in various different locations. You can also sometimes find her in her room in the Inn.

Birthday: Summer 15

Most favorite gift: Golden Hairpin

Favorite gifts: Fish and sashimi

Hated gifts: Vegetables

Constellation: Hairpin constellation, Winter, between 6:40 and 7:50 pm.

One of the easiest gifts to give Uzuki is fish that you catch with the fishing pole. When you give it to her, she will say "Is this for me!? You knew that I am partial to fish... I must thank you."

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