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Harvest Moon DS
Official Box Art
Developer(s)Neverland Co.
Publisher(s)Marvelous Interactive (JP)
Natsume (NA)
Mode(s)Single Player
Platform(s)Nintendo DS
Release Date(s)Japan: March 17, 2005
USA: September 12, 2006
Europe: April 13, 2007


One of the more current Harvest Moon Games, HM:DS is a time consuming game with an immense range of features and events to learn about and complete. Like the rest of the series, HMDS greatly includes various aspects of farming, centering around raising and selling different types of crops. Marriage is also a common event used in Harvest Moon Games, and this one is no exception. There are a wide range of brides with different personalities. Other aspects of the game include, but are not limited to, mining, befriending villagers, ranching (taking care of animals), raising a child, and rescuing Harvest Sprites.


Ancient rivals, the Harvest Goddess and Witch Princess, are at it again. We begin at the Goddess Pond, next to the Sprite Tree. The Goddess and the Witch often get into small fights, which the Goddess often wins. Finally the Witch has had enough, and she has decided to try a new, dangerous, spell on her rival. But it doesn't work out the way she planned it, for when she says the magic words, the Harvest Goddess turns into solid stone! The sprites (the Goddess's working friends) are very angry, and demand that the Witch Princess changes her back. Grudgingly, she agrees and attempts another spell. But, naturally, this one fails too and the Goddess is now transported away to somewhere unknown. Now the sprites are REALLY mad! Quick thinking leads the witch to transport them to the unknown world too!

The Witch Princess is a somewhat selfish being, and she knows without the sprites and her Goddess rival, life will be boring and nobody wants that! Now the main character comes along when the Witch notices him standing by the tree. She pretty much forces him to help rescue the Harvest Goddess and the Sprites, then leaves him alone in front of the tree. And thus begins your journey to rescue the sprites, and return the Goddess to her rightful home!


  • Two screens for action, speech and inventory
  • All new characters and mixed old ones from A Wonderful Life
  • All new redesigned town
  • New animal care and system
  • Raise animals like sheep, ducks and cows
  • Court and marry an eligible bride
  • Raise your son or daughter and watch him/her grow into a teenager