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When you start out in Magical Melody, you are left with the very basic tools. These tools are the lowest level. However, you can upgrade the tools to make them better and more efficient!


[edit] Tools

Hammer: This will hammer rocks and crush them for you, to move them out of your way.

Hoe: This is for doing your crops. It will prepare the soil for you to plant your seeds.

Watering Can: You use the watering can to water the crops. When it is out of water, you can fill it up at a well, watering hole, or the river. To fill it up at the river, you must be at one of those docks that are jutting out in various places around Flower Bud Village.

Axe: This is what you use to chop trees, branches, and stakes. If you cut a branch, it will automatically be turned into a stake and be stored in the wood bin behind your house.

Fishing Rod: The fishing rod is used to fish. You can fish at any body of water.

[edit] Upgrading

In order to upgrade your tools, you need to gain experience with them. If you look at your tools on the menu, you may notice that there's a bar of experience given to each tool. The more you use the tool, the more experience you will get. Once you fill up one color on the bar, you will be able to upgrade it!

To upgrade your tools, you will need to do one of two things.

  1. Find ores.
  2. Visit the Junk Shop.

[edit] Ores

Ores are the old-fashioned way to get your tools upgraded. Each ore brings it up one notch. The ores you need are:

Copper Ore (ex. Copper Hammer)
Silver Ore (ex. Silver Hammer)
Gold Ore (ex. Gold Hammer)
Rare Ore (ex. Goddess Hammer)

None of the other gems or things that you find in the mine will help at all, and once you get to the Goddess tool, the tool can not be upgraded again. The rare ore is the last upgrade for the tool.

In order to get your tools upgraded this way, you need to make sure that Tai the blacksmith is in your town. He is the one that will upgrade your tools for you.

[edit] Junk Shop

If you don't have Tai, or you don't want to wait for the tool to be upgraded, you can always buy it at the Junk Shop! If your tool has enough experience to be upgraded, the next level will be available at the junk shop, but they're quite expensive!

[edit] Benefits

Of course, tools work just fine as they are. They won't break, they won't stop working, what's the use of upgrading them? Two things: Time and energy.

[edit] Time

An upgraded tool can work on more spaces than a lower level tool. For example, the regular hoe only digs through one space, while the Goddess Hoe digs through a whopping 15 spaces at once! Copper tools are better than non-upgraded tools, Silver tools are better than Copper tools, and so on.

[edit] Energy

But wait - hoeing all those spaces? That must take out a huge chunk of your energy, right? Wrong!

Upgrading your tools will cut your energy loss in nearly half. While it's true that an upgraded tool does take away more of your energy in one hit, you need less hits to get the job done.

For example, the watering can. Watering one space with the regular watering can can take away 10HP (health points), while watering with the Goddess can takes away 30HP. However, if you have to water 30 squares, you lose 300HP with the regular watering can, while you only lose 30HP with the Goddess watering can. It's confusing, but you may notice that you're able to get the job done a lot faster while losing a lot less of your energy!

[edit] Charging Up

When you upgrade your tool, you might notice that it works no differently than before. That's because you need to charge it up!

To charge up a tool, you need to hold down the tool button, or the button that you use to take out a tool/use a tool. The higher level the tool, the more charging it will need. For instance, you may need to charge the Goddess watering can for 7 seconds, while it only takes about 4 seconds for the Silver watering can to charge.

[edit] Back To the Basics

If you are ever working on something small that you don't need an upgraded tool for, don't charge it! For example, if you have a Goddess watering can but only need to water 3 spaces. Rather than watering 49 spaces and using all that energy and water, you could charge it up less and not all the way, then let go before it gets too far. Then you could only water 3 spaces, instead of all 49.
Your character will show signs depending on how far it's been charged up. When your character doesn't show any signs of struggle, or no signs at all, this is when the tool is at it's lowest charge. When your character is shining, and showing a lot of effort into the action, it's when the tool is at it's highest charge, which takes up slightly more energy than a normal action with the tool.

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