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You start out with 5 tools that you find in your toolbox, these are:watering can, hoe, hammer, axe, sickle and pedometer. They all start out normal but you can level them up by using them a lot. The ones that you can level up are :Watering Can, Hoe, Hammer, axe, Sickle, and fishing pole.


[edit] Normal Upgrades

Once you use a tool enough to get the experience up by 100%, you can upgrade it to the next level. You can see how far along you are by looking at the Tool Levels in the earnings menu. If the bar is completely full of a specific color and has the little icon with that ore on it, it is ready for an upgrade. Take the tool to Saibarra at the blacksmiths, and he will give the upgrade. The upgrades go as follows for each tool:
Level 2: Copper ore + 1000g
Level 3: Silver ore + 2000g
Level 4: Gold ore + 3000g
Level 5: Mystrille + 5000g
With each upgrade to the next consecutive level, it will take one day for him to upgrade it. When upgrading, you don't HAVE to go through each one. If you waited long enough and get all of the experience needed to skip levels, you can go from your basic tool all the way to mystrile. When you skip levels, you save the money from the level(s) that you skip, but it takes longer to upgrade. If you just skip one level, it will take 2 days to complete instead of just one, and if you go from basic to mystrile in one go, it will take 4 days, but you will be saving 6000g.

[edit] Cursed Tools

After you upgrade all of your tools to the mystrile level, you can begin to find "cursed tools" on levels of the Winter Mine. These tools are "cursed" because once you equip them, you cannot un-equip them without having to go to the church and have Carter un-equip them for a hefty price.
Then why get these tools, you may ask. Even though they're a pain and deplete you stamina very quickly, they're strong. What you want to do with these cursed tools is get them blessed. Once blessed, you can equip and un-equip them as you please.
The cursed tools are found BY DIGGING on these levels of the Winter Mine:
29: Cursed Fishing Rod
39: Cursed Hoe
49: Cursed Axe
59: Cursed Hammer
69: Cursed Watering Can
79: Cursed Sickle
Remember to not accidentally equip one on your way down, or else you'll have to get it removed immediately.
Also beware, be sure to save on the floor below as well - it is very likely you could get to the correct floor and dig every square but not find the tool. Reloading the floor above will reset this, however.

[edit] Blessed Tools

You will want to get all of your cursed tools blessed. You go about this in different ways for the tools.
-For the Cursed Hoe and Cursed Watering Can, you must have Carter "bless" the tool 10 times for each tool. Each "bless" costs 1000g.
-For the Cursed Sickle and Cursed Hammer, you must have the tool equipped for 10 days straight. You may wonder what will happen of your animals and crops, but don't worry! Just hire the sprites to do all of your work for those days, and everything will be fine.
-For the Cursed Fishing Rod and the Cursed Axe, you must use it 255 times. This can be very very difficult when one use can deplete all of your stamina. I've heard of a way you can use it in the inn and just "buy" numerous Waters from Doug for 0g. The water gives you back a little bit of stamina, but not much. There is also another method that is much much much better - simply use it 255 times during a festival! You cannot faint during festivals! Just simply equip it there and use it 255 times, and it will become blessed easily.
Remember that these are completely separate tools from your others - you can always use them if you don't like the blessed ones because they DO deplete your stamina in one swing.

[edit] Mythic Tools

Once you have all of the Blessed Tools, you can now upgrade them to the Mythic level. You can find Mythic stones on floor 60 of the Spring Mine. These mythic stones are rare - you may only find 3 on the level, or you might not even find any! I recommend saving the floor below and resetting if you don't have any luck.
Once you have a mythic stone and a tool you want to upgrade, take it to the Blacksmiths and pay the very high price of 50,000g to get it upgraded to mythic. These tools are the highest level you can get.

[edit] Axe

Used to chop twigs and stumps to collect lumber.Leveling up allows you to chops stumps in fewer hits: Level 1 (basic): Can only chop branches
Level 2 (copper): Can chop stumps in 6 charged hits.
Level 3 (silver): Can chop stumps in 3 charged hits.
Level 4 (gold): Can chop stumps in 2 charged hits.
Level 5 (mystrile): Can chop stumps in 1 charged hit.
Level 6 (cursed or blessed): Chops all stumps on the current screen
Level 7 (mythic): Chops all stumps on the current screen while using half of the energy

[edit] Fishing Rod

Obtain the fishing rod by entering Zack's house on the beach when you have an open tool slot in your rucksack. A cutscene will follow. Use the rod to catch fish. Leveling up lets you catch larger fish. Level 1 (basic): Can only catch small fish.
Level 2 (copper): Catches small and medium fish.
Level 3 (silver): Catches small and medium fish.
Level 4 (gold): Catches medium and large fish.
Level 5 (mystrille): Catches large fish.
Level 6 (cursed or blessed): Catches large fish, king fish, Pirate Treasures and Fish Fossils.
Level 7 (mythic): Catches large fish, king fish, and increased chance of catching Pirate Treasures and Fish Fossils.

[edit] Hammer

Smashes rocks/boulders, can flatten tilled soil and can smash old fences.Leveling up makes it easier to smash rocks and boulders : Level 1 (basic): Can Only break Small Stones
Level 2 (copper): Can Break Big Rocks in 3 charged hits.
Level 3 (silver): Can Break Boulders in 6 charged hits.
Level 4 (gold): Can Break Boulders in 3 charged hits
Level 5 (mystrile): Can Break Big Rocks in 1 charged hit and Boulders in 2 charged hits.
Level 6 (cursed or blessed): Can break boulders in 1 hit.
Level 7 (mythic): Can break all stones and boulders on the current screen.

[edit] Hoe

Tills the soil so you can plant crops and also used for mining. Leveling up allows to till more soil at once.
Level 1 (basic): 1Square (1x1)
Level 2 (copper): 2 Squares (2x1)
Level 3 (silver): 3 Squares (3x1)
Level 4 (gold): 5 Squares (5x1)
Level 5 (mystrile): 6 Squares (6x1)
Level 6 (cursed or blessed): 36 Squares (3x12)
Level 7 (mythic): 90 Squares (5x18)

[edit] Sickle

Used to cut weeds, cut grass to turn it into fodder, and to cut crops down. Leveling up lets you cut more weeds in one stroke. X= One square, o = farmer. When layout is not specified, the farmer will stand right in the center. Be very careful with the sickle! When it cuts grass at higher levels, it cuts grass with you in the center, it doesn't only cut in front of you. So in other words, it cuts behind you as well, so watch out for your animals!

Level 1 (basic): 1x1 squares
o X

Level 2 (copper): 1x3 squares
X o

Level 3 (silver): 2x3 squares

Level 4 (gold): 3x3 squares
Level 5 (mystrille): 5x5 squares
Level 6 (cursed or blessed): 9x9 squares
Level 7 (mythic): 15x15 squares

[edit] Watering Can

Used to water crops.Leveling up makes the Can water more squares at once. Unlike the Sickle, the watering can only waters square in FRONT of you. When deciding where to stand to water, you will always be in the middle. Level 1 (basic): 1 square
Level 2 (copper): 3 (1x3) squares
Level 3 (silver): 6 (2x3) Squares
Level 4 (gold): 9 (3x3) Squares
Level 5 (mystrile): 15 (3x5) Squares
Level 6 (cursed or blessed): 78 (6x13) Squares
Level 7 (mythic): 252 (12x21) Squares

[edit] Other Tools

Needs to be bought from Yodel Farm for 500g. Use it to call your animals.

Needs to be bought from the Blacksmith's for 800g once you get either a horse, sheep, or cow. Use it to brush your animals to raise their friendship level towards you.

Needs to be bought from the Blacksmiths for 1800g. Use it too cut the wool of your sheep.

Needs to be bought from the Blacksmiths for 2000g. Use it to milk your cows .

Records the number of steps you take. Whenever you get to 1000, 10,000, 100,000, etc. steps, the Harvest Goddess will appear to congratulate you. You get nothing from her, however.

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