Tools, Weapons, and Spells


[edit] Weapons

Lots of things in this game can be used as a substitute for weapons. You can use hammers, rods, axes, sickles and even your watering can. Weapons mainly used to fight monsters found in the dungeons.

[edit] Getting Weapons

One way to get weapons is to buy them from Ganesha's shop. Another way is to get your own, or simply use the tools you get for free.

[edit] Making Weapons

First off, buy a Handy Forge from Lute, the peddler who sells many wares in the holidays. A crafting area is also added in along with the forge. Instead of guessing the ingredients to make a weapon, buy a blacksmith recipe book from Selphy when she's in the library.

The Handy forge is the first forge you get in the game. If you want a better forge that can use more than 2 ingredients, talk to Kross to expand your forge area, then talk to Lute to buy an even bigger, and better forge.

[edit] Tools

Tools play an important part in almost every Harvest Moon game. How else would you be able to finish all of your work? This game is no different and it has a variety of tools. The first type of tools you get are the 'Cheap' kind, which only allows you to do very limited farm work. You can upgrade all of your tools except the Pet Glove using the forge.

Here are just some of the tools in the game and also how to get them.

Pet Glove (brush) - Travel to Whale Island and then talk to Kross.
Cheap Sickle - Travel to Whale Island and then talk to Erik.
Cheap Hammer - When you go to Whale Island Cave, you'll be given the hammer when you meet Melody.
Cheap Watering Can - You'll get the watering can in the beginning from Mist.
Cheap Axe- Go to the bar and talk to Stella.
Cheap Fishing Rod - While Cinnamon is fishing at the river, talk to her.

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