Tool Upgrades (GBC)

Tools are very important when it comes to managing your farm. Upgrading your tools is great because not only can you accomplish more with better tools, you also use up less stamina.

Axe Upgrade - During the summer there will be an earthquake. The Carpenter will come by and ask if you're okay. He'll also ask you to check around your farm and see if any damage has been done. Go behind the shed to the sprite's Cave. One of the harvest sprites is stuck under a rock! Use your hammer to smash the rock and free him. Now head to the underground stream. The boulder that was blocking the way is now gone. Equip your axe, toss it into the lake, and the Goddess will appear! She will ask you if you have thrown in a golden axe. Say no. The Goddess will be pleased that you're so honest and give you the golden axe. Now you can break up a stump in one swing.

Hammer Upgrade - When you have saved up 2500G and 100 pieces of wood, head on over to the Carpenter and ask for a house upgrade. A few days later he'll come to your farm and tell you that your house has been upgraded to a Deluxe Wood House. He will then give you the super hammer for free.

Hoe Upgrade - Head on over to the harvest sprite's cave. Talk to one of the sprites and he'll ask if your hoe works well. Tell him that it does. He'll be happy because he made the hoe himself. He'll then ask you to give it back to him so that he can make it better. He'll now give you an upgraded hoe.

Sickle Upgrade - This is very similar to the hoe upgrade. Talk to one of the harvest sprites. When he asks you if your sickle works well, say yes. He'll be happy and give you an upgraded sickle.

Watering Can Upgrade - One morning when you wake up Ann will be waiting outside. She tells you that it's possible to upgrade your watering can, and asks if you'd like to. Say yes. She says that the upgrade will take seven days and that she'll need your watering can. She never takes it though. Anyways, head over to her shop once a week has passed. She'll have a sprinkler for sale. Once you buy it your watering can will be gone.

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