The Village Shops

In the village of Rune Factory Frontier, there area a variety of shops that seem to be similar to the shops of the original Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon. These are the stores available in the game each with their own location, opening dates, and inventory.

[edit] Shops

Danny of the General Store

Danny's Grocery: The General Store is run by Danny. The store is poorly run, mainly because the store is something that Danny does not want to own. He keeps it poorly stocked and only sells a small amount of items. When Rosetta opens Materia, Danny become very jealous of the competition.

Ganesha of the Blacksmith

Blacksmith: The Blacksmith is run by Ganesha, the half-elf. At the Blacksmith you can purchase a small variety of weapons like 1 and 2 handed swords, axes, and hammers. You can also purchase crystals to make weapons with. Ganesha's inventory will increase over time with more basic weapons and higher level crystals to make higher level weapons at your Forge.

Rita of the Bar

Bar: The bar is a location where you can buy food for eating and cooking; and you can also buy a few other items. The bar is run by Rita and is attached to the Inn by an upstairs corridor. Many characters like Stella, Kanno, and Turner.

Selphy of the Library

Rune Archives: The Rune Archives is owned by bachelorette Selphy. Although before meeting Selphy the Library is neat, once Selphy moves in it will look a wreck. Through some events it will later become neat again. At the Archives you can read books in every shelf about important facts and events in the game. Also, once Selphy moves in you can purchase a variety of recipe books to make weapons, food, and other accesories. After time, Selphy will upgrade the amount of books she sells and if you missed any from the beginning you can purchase them on a "Tuesday Special Sales Day".

Materia Store: Materia is run by Rosetta, one of the bachelorettes, and opens next to Danny's Grocery after she settles in once meeting her for the first time. Unlike Danny, Rosetta is very organized and stocks a wide variety of flower seeds and equiptment for battle. Rosetta also has a couple seasonal items like the Pumpkin helmet and neck towel.

Church Pharmacy: The Church Pharmacy is run by Lara and is only open once you meet her in the beginning of Spring. The Pharmacy is located in the medical part of the Church, not in the actual church. The Pharmacy sells a variety of different medicinal items that remove status ailments like poison and cold. Lara will also sell you Fertilizer for a large sum of money.

Lute the Peddler: Lute is a traveling painter and peddler who sells a multitude of different items. His store will sell house expansions, makers, cooking tools, and furniture for your home. Lute can only be found on Holidays at town square.

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