The Village (GBC)

The village is west of your farm. It'll count as an hour every time you go there and then come back. Here are a list of the stores and buildings. You'll also find shop lists.

Animal Shop
Cow Fodder700G
Cow Medicine1000G
Chicken Fodder500 G
Miracle Potion4000G

Before you buy animals you must have a decent amount of grass grown, and a fair amount of fodder in your silo.
When you buy a cow he'll give you a cow bell to call your cows outside.

Carpenters Shop
Material (50)500G
Deluxe Wood House2500G and 100 wood
Super Deluxe Wood House5000G and 300 wood

You can purchase the Super Deluxe Wood House after purchasing the Deluxe Wood House.
You probably won't be able to afford the Super Deluxe Wood House until your second year.

You can come here to get your fortune told. She will also pray to the Goddess for you.
Sometimes the Goddess will listen to the prayer and bless your cows. She'll bless your cows even if you don't have any cows. o_O
If Maria predicts a bad fortune your chickens will stop laying eggs for three days.

Flower Shop
Turnip Seeds200G
Potato Seeds150G
Tomato Seeds200G
Corn Seeds300G
Eggplant Seeds150G
Peanut Seeds200G
Carrot Seeds300G
Broccoli Seeds500G

The Flower Shop will only sell seeds associated for the month.
For example: turnip seeds will only be sold during the Spring.

Juice Bar
Orange Juice300G
Apple Juice500G
Wild Grape Juice (10)300G
Green Tea (10)200G
Milk (10)100G

The Juice Bar opens at 6 PM and closes at 12 AM. Some of the beverages will not be available until after that grape juice event.
Some beverages are put in your inventory after you purchase them, and some of them are consumed right away.
All drinks restore a little bit of stamina.

Lunch Box500GG
Croissant (10)300G
Rice Ball (10)200G
Meat Dumpling (10)100G

You can eat the lunch box and cake right after you purchase them.
All the rest of the items are stored at your farm.

Ronald's Food Shop
Saddle bags2500G
Cheese Maker30000G
Butter Maker30000G

The cheese and butter maker are not available until the second year.
The sprinkler isn't available until you have done the event with Ann and the watering can.

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