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When you first arrive at the town, there are only a few shops. However, as you visit festivals and experience events, more people will move in and out, opening more stores and expanding what you can buy!

[edit] The Beginning

In the beginning, this is what is available to you:

  • Woody's Workshop
    • Closed: Tuesdays
    • Time: 6AM - 6PM
  • Spring Farm
    • Closed: Mondays
    • Time: 9AM - 6PM
  • Junk Shop
    • Closed: Tuesdays
    • Time: 9AM - 6PM
  • Doug's Perch Inn
    • Closed: ---
    • Time: 9AM - 12AM
  • Blue Sky Ranch
    • Closed: Thursdays
    • Time: 6AM - 6PM
  • Clinic
    • Closed: Wednesday
    • Time: 6AM - 9PM

All shops are closed on holidays.
--- Means this shop only closes on holidays

[edit] Unlockables

There are many more shops that you can unlock just by bringing new people into the town!

Café Callaway
How? Wait 1 month after meeting Carl
Closed: Tuesday
Time: 9AM - 6PM

Flower Bud Library:
How? Opens in year 1, mid-spring
Closed: Mondays
Time: 9AM - 6PM

Hearty Lyla
How? Ship gift items (ex. flowers, good clay)
Closed: Monday
Time: 9AM - 6PM

Moonlight Café
How? Meet Duke - opens in Summer.
Closed: Tuesday
Time: 6PM - 5AM

Perch Inn
How? Meet Doug - opens in Summer
Closed: ---
Time: 9AM - 12AM

How? Get Alex to one heart + Ship 30 gerbs
Closed: ---
Time: 6AM - 7PM

How? Ship one of each ore
Closed: Wednesday
Time: 6AM - 9PM

Atelier Saibara's Clay Shop
How? Ship Good Clay
Closed: Saturday
Time: 6AM - 6PM

[edit] What are they for?

Each of the shops in the village have something that they are selling or meant for.

Woody's Workshop The workshop is where you go to purchase things like upgrades to your house. You can also buy new land, and more houses!

Flower Bud Library gives you information on some of the things in the game. Some books are useless while others are rather helpful!

The Sanatorium is where Dia and Gina live. The building has no special use.

Atelier Saibara's Clay Shop has no special use other than housing Saibara.

The Blacksmith is where you can get tool upgrades, or various accessories.

Spring Farm is where you will purchase your seeds for growing crops. They offer a wide selection of things to choose some, and the things they sell will change each season. You can also buy fruits and vegetables already grown here.

Blue Sky Ranch is where you purchase your animals. You will also purchase food for the animals and tools to be used with the animals.

The Junk Shop sells various piece of furniture as well as some tool upgrades, which will be available when you level up a tool.

The Clinic is where you will wake up after fainting from losing too much stamina.

Hearty Lyla sells small accessories for your home as well as balms, and other various items made from the town's resources.

Doug's Perch Inn, Café Callaway, Moonlight Café , and the Perch Inn are all places to buy some sort of food, but otherwise have no special use.

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