The Main Storyline AP

The main storyline of Harvest Moon: Animal Parade is to sound the five elemental bells of fire, soil, water, wind, and heart. The Harvest Sprites of these five bells are Alan, Collin, Ben, Daren, and Edge.

[edit] The Red Bell

First, you must have met the Harvest Goddess already. To clear out the animals blocking the Goddess Pond in Garmon Mines, talk to Dale, then Barbara, then Julius, then Ramsey, then find Owen on the tenth floor in the mines. He will give you an Animal Whistle, which is needed to clear the animals. Go back to the Goddess Pond, and Finn will suggest using the whistle. The animals will then move away.

After finally meeting the Goddess, go to the tenth floor of Garmon Mines. You and Finn realize that the Red Bell is gone! Go to Ramsey and talk to him. He'll say that he hasn't seen any bell, but will mention a young girl named Chloe, who he hoped you've seen outside playing.

When you leave the Blacksmith's, start to approach the direction the Carpenter's is in. You'll find Bo counting to ten right outside the Carpenter's. He says that he and "Chloe" (sound familiar?) were playing Kick the Can, and he points to the Red Bell! You run for the bell, but just as you get to it, a young girl kicks it--into the Blacksmith's chimney!

She will introduce yourself to you, saying that her name is Chloe. She always mentions that if you want that bell, that Ramsey will always be able to get it out of that chimney!

Go back to the Blacksmith's, and Ramsey will say that he won't be able to get Chloe's "toy" out without enough smoke. He suggests that he needs a variety of different ores. Get an Iron Ore, Copper Ore, Silver Ore, and Gold Ore. When you give all four items to Ramsey, the bell will explode out of the chimney! You will meet Alan, and he will ask you to place him in his frame on the tenth floor of Garmon Mines.

After this, the Upper Garmon Mines will be unlocked.

[edit] The Yellow Bell

First, head towards Flute Fields. You'll soon come across an intersection, so take the path that doesn't lead to Flute Fields. You'll end up on a beach, and there will be a cutscene where you find the Yellow Bell stuck in the beach sand! You and Finn walk closer to it, and Collin vaguely appears. He's weak, but manages to still crack a joke. You pick up the Yellow Bell and keep it in your rucksack for now,

Head back to your farmland and toward Garmon Mines so you can get to the Goddess Pond. Take out the Yellow Bell and show it to the Harvest Goddess, and she will suggest to you to soak it in moonlight.

There are three moonlight stones scattered across the island. They can be found...

  • On the left side of the Lighthouse.
  • On Moon Hill near Horn Ranch in Flute Fields.
  • Near the vacant house lot above Ramsey's Blacksmith.

When you walk up the staircase leading to the vacant house, you'll meet Calvin. You will not officially unlock him for good until you complete the process of sounding the Yellow Bell.

Also keep in mind that you will only be able to soak the Yellow Bell above the Moonlight Stones from 18:00 PM until 6:00 AM.

Once you've soaked the Yellow Bell above all moonlight stones, the power of the Yellow Bell has been restored, but you still need to place it in its pedestal! Go to the Marimba Farm store, and Ruth will go on about her useless husband, Craig. She requests you to produce and give to her 10 of any of the following crops:

  • 10 Good Lettuce {Spring}
  • 10 Good Tomato {Summer}
  • 10 Good Pumpkin {Fall}
  • 10 Good Buckwheat {Winter}

You don't have to giver her ten of EVERY single crop, but just ten of one crop. Or you can split it up, and give her 5 Good Pumpkin in Fall and 5 Good Buckwheat in Winter.

Once you have 10 crops of any crop in the above list, give them to Ruth. You'll mention the pedestal for the Yellow Bell again, and she'll unlock the gate to the crop fields because the pedestal is there! You'll run down the path and find Craig praying at the vacant Yellow Bell pedestal. Once he spots you, he'll run off.

Place the Yellow Bell in its pedestal and have Collin sound it.

You have now restored the power of soil back to the island, congrats!

[edit] The Blue Bell

The Blue Bell is the one of Ben's, and the first few steps of unlocking the Blue Bell are also required for ringing the Green Bell.

Go to the Windmill in Flute Fields. There, you'll find the empty frame of the Green Bell. Press A to interact with it and a scene will trigger where Finn suggests that you should go to the Fugue Forest to ask the Witch about it; she may know where the Green Bell is. Enter Fugue Forest and you'll find that the gate into the forest is locked. Speak with Hanna back at Horn Ranch, and then go back into Fugue Forest and you'll find Cain trying at the lock but having no luck. He tells you to go to Dale if you want to get into the forest.

Speak with Dale all the way at the Carpenter's in Garmon Mines and he will give you the key to opening the forest gate. He will also mention his son, Luke, to you, who has apparently gone into the forest to collect lumber but never came back.

When you go back to the forest, make sure you have both the Fugue Forest Key as well as your axe and hammer. Take out the key from your rucksack and press A in front of the gate; it should unlock the gate. After going through a couple of screens of the forest, you will run into Luke. After another couple of screens, you'll make it into the Witch's House's area. When you go inside, there will be nothing but a pink frog. Finn suggests that the Wizard may know where the Witch is.

The Wizard's house is in Harmonica Town. It's the building at the top of the tiers of buildings that would always say "It's locked...". The Wizard tells you that the pink frog was actually the Witch and that a spell she cast to help the Harvest Goddess went terribly wrong and turned her into the frog. He tells you three ingredients that are required to bring her back (a Hibiscus, Good Cornmeal, and Perfect Butter). Unfortunately, Hibiscus can only be found on Toucan Island, and you may not go there yet since boats aren't coming to the island anymore. Go speak with Paolo, Ozzie's son, at the Lighthouse. He will give you the key to open the gate in front of the Watery Cave, where the Blue Bell is.

Press A in front of the Blue Bell. Ben will appear and try to sound his bell, but he seems to have forgotten the melody! Go speak with the Harvest Goddess, and she will hint you to speak with Paolo.

Ask Paolo about the bell's melody. He will tell you that he knows the town's melody, and the poster behind him includes steps of doing things that will produce sounds that should be the town's melody. The poster is a bit confusing, but here are the items you will need for this bell:

  • Duck Egg - You will need to buy a Duckling from Horn Ranch in order to get a Duck Egg.
  • Black Pearl - You can find a Black Pearl on the floor of floor 25 in the Watery Cave.
  • any five fish - Self-explanatory, really. You just need any five fish of any sort.
  • Windy Weather - Also self-explanatory. The weather will need to be windy.

Once you reach all of the requirements, speak with Paolo. You will need to place the Duck Egg on Hamilton's house's roof, the Black Pearl on the scale right outside of the entrance of Ocarina Inn, and one fish at a time into the small pond of water. There will be green arrows to guide you through the process in case you don't know where to precisely place the items.

Once you've finished putting all the items in place, go back to Paolo and speak with him again. The process would start in which each item makes a certain sound after doing something. Once that's done, go back to the Watery Cave and interact with the Blue Bell. Ben should remember the melody again and ring the bell.

After all of this, you now have access to Toucan Island, more fish, and Gill will be unlocked, but you will not be able to officially meet him until you sound the Green Bell.

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