Tanya's Quests (RF2)

[edit] First Generation Quests

[edit] First Quest

Tanya's got a trial for you! The trial is to "raise your skills as a swordsman". She wants you to fight monsters in the forest. If you don't learn how to fight them, surely they'll kill you!... right? You think she's exaggerating, but she's sure it's a matter of life and death! According to Tanya, your ability to fight monsters is important, as well as the quality of sword you have. These trials will tell her if you're ready to buy better weapons from her. She wants you to beat 5 orcs in Trieste Forest. After giving you all the details on what they are like and where to find them, she sends you off, and tells you to make sure you don't get killed!

When you beat an orc, a message will pop up saying that you've defeated one of the target monsters. Once you have beaten 5, a message informing you on that will appear. Return to Tanya after you've defeaten them. She'll give you 500G, and an Axe as rewards. After this, you'll continue to get more trials from her.

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