TV Shows (AWL)

There is a television located in your house with four different channels that you can watch by pressing up, down, left or right.

Channel 1 (UP)
This is the weather report for the day to come. Handy if you want to keep your animals out overnight or need to water your plants.

Channel 2 (RIGHT)
This channel can show various programs such as Farming News, Diary Farm News, and two different farming quiz shows. This channels is shown from 5AM until 11PM each day.

Channel 3 (DOWN)
This channel is for non-educational, entertaining programming. Shows on this channel include Greg's Fishing Diary, Mad Mad World, Nikki's Love, TV Shopping Hour, Music Moment, Star Trip, and Detective Slide

Channel 4 (LEFT)
This channel gives you your horoscope. When fishing, if it is a lucky day, you will have a better chance of catching a good fish. If it is a normal day, you will have equal chance depending on where you are fishing. If it is a bad day, you will almost always catch Snelt and Colombo. The horoscope also affects making hybrid crops. When it is a lucky day, if you correctly make your hybrides, they will always turn out. If it is a normal day, it depends on how well of friends you are with Tartan. If it is a bad day, the hybrids will rarely work.

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