TV Channels (StH)

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There are three different channels on the TV.

Channel One: The Weather:

Your TV is already on this channel when you turn it on. It tells you what the weather should be for the next day. It doesn't tell you the exact weather, but it does tell you the percentage.

0%: Don't worry. It won't rain.

20%: It most likely won't rain.

40%: You should prepare to bring your animals inside. This is a fairly high percentage, and it might rain.

60%: bring in your animals for sure. Around 92% of the time, you will get rain with this forcast.

80%: Yes! Bring in your animals! This is a very high percent, it will most likely rain the next day.

100%: It will definitely rain the next day.

Channel Two: Farmers' Tips:

All you do is watch this channel and it will give you tips and hints on how to care for your animals and crops and such.

Channel Three: Horoscopes:

This gives you your horoscope for the day.

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