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[edit] Story of Seasons Bachelors

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[edit] Fritz

Fritz is a rival farmer who runs Greenhill Farm and an eligible bachelor in Oak Tree Town. He is a very high-spirited and happy-go-lucky person who just seems to want to enjoy life. While he is hardworking, he is very clumsy and not really the best at farming. However, he has a big heart and is always willing to help someone in need - although that usually ends up making the situation worse.

  • Birthday: Spring 8
  • Wrapping Paper (+50 FP): Green and Orange

[edit] Favourite Gift

Mitten Crab Soup

[edit] Loved Gifts

Philosopher's tools, Jersey Milk +, Zebu Milk +, Wool +, Suffolk Wool +, Goat Hair +, Brown Alpaca Wool +, Llama Wool +, Rabbit Fur +, Gray Rabbit Fur +, Camel Hair +, Golden Silkie Egg, Sturgeon Soup, Marlin Steak, Zebu Herb Cheese +, Zebu Fruit Yogurt +, Zebu Herb Butter +, Araucana Mayonnaise +, Araucana Herb Mayo +, Golden Yarn +, Golden Suffolk Yarn +, Golden Goat Yarn +, Golden Alpaca Yarn +, Golden Llama Yarn +, Golden Rabbit Yarn +, Golden Camel Yarn +, Golden Cloth +, Golden Suffolk Cloth, Golden Suffolk Cloth +, Gld. Goat-Hair Cloth +, Gld. Alpaca-Wl. Cloth +, Gld. Llama-Wl. Cloth +, Gld. Cml.-Hair Cloth +, Dark Green Ring, Dark Green Tri. Ring, Dark Green Clip-Ons, Dark Green Earrings, Dark Green Necklace, Dark Green Choker, Pink Diamond

[edit] Liked Gifts

Orichalcum tools, Heli-Pack, Golden Crops, Classy Carpaccio, Grilled Fish, Desserts, Juice, , Chocolate Drink, Cheese Drink, Yogurt Drink, Lassi, Banana Au Lait, Iced Cocoa, Cappuccino, Cafe Mocha, Tea, Shakes, Smoothie, Grass Drink, Stilton Cheese, Jersey Yogurt +, Zebu Yogurt +, Jersey Fruit Yogurt +, Zebu Butter +, Jersey Herb Butter +, Silkie Mayonnaise +, Silkie Herb Mayo +, Suffolk Yarn +, Goat Yarn +, Alpaca Yarn +, Brown Alpaca Yarn +, Llama Yarn +, Rabbit Yarn +, Gray Rabbit Yarn +, Camel Yarn +, Green Yarn +, Green Suffolk Yarn +, Silver Goat Yarn +, Green Alpaca Yarn +, Green Rabbit Yarn +, Silver Camel Yarn +, Green Cloth +, Green Suffolk Cloth +, Sil. Goat-Hair Cloth +, Gn. Alpaca-Wl. Cloth +, Sil. Llama-Wl. Cloth +, Yellow Rabbit-Fur Cloth, Gn. Rabbit-Fur Cloth +, Sil. Camel-Hair Cloth +, Big Ceramic Pot, Big Unglazed Pot, Big Pretty Jadeite Pot, Pufferfish, Most fish, Spiny Lobster, Tiger Prawn, Freshwater Prawn, Lake Prawn, Steamer Clam, Basket Clam, Oriental Clam, Squid, Octopus, Horned Turban, Alligator Gar, Arowana, Anglerfish, Huchen, Eel, Marlin, Keiji Salmon, Mitten Crab, Softshell Turtle, Red King Crab, Ray, Sturgeon, Catfish, Koi, Cicadas, Beetles, Dragonflies, Fireflies, Butterflies, Crickets, Bees, Lady Bugs, Diamond, Green Downy Tuft

Klaus chibi.png

[edit] Klaus

Klaus is a gentleman living on the western side of Oak Tree Town who specializes in perfume making. One of the older bachelors, Klaus has a very refined air about him and seems to prefer spending his free time pursuing sophisticated activities, such as horseback riding. Because of his maturity, he is seen as a respectable individual. Klaus is also a kind man who is genuinely concerned for other's well being and often encourages the protagonist to take care of their health despite their heavy farm duties.

  • Birthday: Spring 24
  • Wrapping Paper (+50 FP): Black and Blue

[edit] Favourite Gift


[edit] Loved Gifts

Black Yarn +, Black Suffolk Yarn +, Black Alpaca Yarn +, Black Llama Yarn +, Black Rabbit Yarn +, Black Cloth +, Black Suffolk Cloth +, Bk. Alpaca-Wl. Cloth +, Bk. Llama-Wl. Cloth +, Bk. Rabbit-Fur Cloth +, Cherry Wine, Peach Wine, Mango Wine, Apple Wine, Orange Wine, Muscat Wine

[edit] Liked Gifts

Hydrangea, Blue Rose, Tea Leaves, Goat Hair, Goat Hair +, Alpaca Wool, Alpaca Wool +, Brown Alpaca Wool, Brown Alpaca Wool +, Llama Wool, Llama Wool +, Rabbit Fur, Rabbit Fur +, Gray Rabbit Fur, Gray Rabbit Fur +, Camel Hair, Camel Hair +, Bouillon Soup, Minestrone, Terrine, Gratin, Cabbage Rolls, Cheese Fondue, Pot-au-Feu, Stew, Risotto, Tomato Risotto, Macaroni and Cheese, Napolitan, Lasagna, Pescatora, Juice, Chocolate Drink, Cheese Drink, Yogurt Drink, Lassi, Banana Au Lait, Iced Cocoa, Cappuccino, Cafe Mocha, Tea, Green Cheese, Green Cheese +, Jersey Green Cheese, Jersey Green Cheese +, Zebu Green Cheese, Zebu Green Cheese +, Wine, Dried Gld. Crops, Violet Ring, Violet Trinity Ring, Violet Clip-Ons, Violet Earrings, Violet Necklace, Violet Choker, Perfumes, Gemstones, Sandrose, Fluorite, Adamantite, Orichalcum, Mithril, Platinum, Pink Diamond

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