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[edit] Background

Story of Seasons for 3DS is a continuation of the long running series previously known as Harvest Moon. While the series is still continued as Bokujou Monogatari(牧場物語) in Japan, it is no longer being localized by Natsume Inc., and instead is now being localized by XSeed Games (or Marvelous USA). However, because Natsume Inc. still owns rights to the Harvest Moon title, XSeed Games re-branded this latest installment in the Bokujou Monogatari series as "Story of Seasons". The Harvest Moon series is still here to stay, but the newest installments to that series will now be developed by Natsume Inc. Story of Seasons has all the features fans of the series have come to love, from the basic farm chores of raising crops and animals, to finding true love with one of the game's many fine bachelors/bachelorettes, participating in the town's numerous contests and much more! There are many new aspects to the game as well, and there's so much to do that there's something for everyone in this charming farm simulator.

Story of Seasons


Marvelous AQL

Release Date

Feb. 27, 2014 (JPN) Mar. 31, 2015 (USA)







[edit] Storyline

Players choose to begin their farming life one day when they receive a flyer advertising the need for a farmer in the small Oak Tree Town. The new farmer is welcomed to the town by Veronica, the town's guild master, and starts their first week of training under the wing of the town's most elderly farmer, Eda. While you learn the basics of farming and get acquainted with the village residents and your new life, you soon learn that the town is home to a large but empty center of trade, and Veronica reveals the true purpose for why a new farmer was needed in town - she hopes that you will be able to revive the trade depot by attracting vendors from faraway countries, and establish good trade relations with them by producing and selling quality crops and products on your farm. Veronica encourages you and the four other farmers in town to compete with each other to produce the best products and help the town thrive. There's always lots of work to do, but as your farm grows and you help the town become a bustling center of activity, you develop your own path of what kind of farmer you want to become and settle into your new life.

[edit] Features

  • Build up your own farm from scratch
  • Grow crops and raise animals
  • Dive for fish and other underwater treasures
  • Fish with a fishing rod
  • Numerous tools with plenty of upgrades
  • Sell goods to the various trade vendors rather than by the traditional shipping box
  • Unlock new vendors as you ship more items
  • Compete with your fellow farmers for special crop fields
  • Use the maker sheds to craft all kinds of products right on your farm
  • Farmer customization with multiple hairstyles, skin tones, and hundreds of outfits and accessories
  • Customize your farm and town with hundreds of different decorations
  • Animal safari where you can take your farm animals to relax, meet wild animals, and mine for ores and gems
  • Befriend wild animals around town and the Safari
  • Contests in town every month including livestock, fashion, fishing, and cooking contests
  • Nintendo Super Mario themed crops
  • Fall in love, get married, and have children with 12 bachelors/bachelorettes to choose from
  • Magical characters such as Nature Sprites, Witchie, and Dessie the Harvest Goddess
  • Multiplayer allowing up to four players at a time to visit a farm, exchange gifts, and wave a magic wand to benefit both crops and animals
  • And much, much more!

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