In Rune Factory Frontier there are many different stats that will effect the way you play. You can view the status of your character by pressing the + button to open up the menu, then pressing - to shift to the Status page. The explanation for each status can be displayed if you place the cursor on top of it. You can see the Level, Skills, and the Health of your character here.

[edit] Basic Status

  • Level: This is your current level.
  • Next: This is how much experience points you have. Once the bar is filled, you'll level up.
  • HP: The Health Points of your character. It also shows the maximum, which will go up as your levels do.
  • RP: This shows your current Rune Points and the maximum Rune Points.

  • ATK: This is your current attack power.
  • DEF: This is your current defense.
  • MAG: This is your current magic power.

  • STR: Physical strength. Affects attack power.
  • VIT: Vitality. Affects your maximum HP.
  • INT: Intelligence. Affects magic power.
  • AGL: Agility. Affects your defense power.

[edit] Ill effects

When walking through ill areas, poisonous spots or being attacked by a monster that causes ill status, status effects will appear in the status bar, and above your character's head. Some will go away after a certain amount of time, while others need to be treated, or you could sleep it off.

  • Poison: Continuous damage will be suffered. Wears off eventually. Can't kill you.
  • Paralysis: You won't be able to run. Lasts for about 2-4 hours in game time.
  • Seal: Special Attacks can't be performed. Must be treated.
  • Cold: RP usage is tripled. Must be treated.
  • Fatigue: RP usage is doubled. Must be treated.
  • Food Effect: This will change depending on the food. The food effect is labeled as FX in the menu screen while viewing the food.

[edit] Skill Level

Using tools, or other items can increase your skill level. When the skill level goes up, you'll be able to equip better tools or create difficult items. If your skill level doesn't meet the required skill level of the tool, the amount of RP you use will increase.

Skill Levels:

  • Weapons: Your skill in weapons. Increases as you use tools to fight monsters.
  • Magic: Your skill in magic. Increases as you use magic.
  • Farming: Your skill in farming. Increases as you use tools to farm.
  • Lumber: Your skill in chopping wood. Increases as you chop branches and stumps.
  • Hammer: Your skill in mining. Increases as you smash rocks.
  • Fish: Your skill in fishing. Increases as you use the fishing rod.
  • Cook: Your skill in cooking. Increases as you cook.
  • Lab: Your skill in medicine-making. Increases as you use the Lab.
  • Forging: Your skill in forging. Increases as you use the forge.
  • Crafts: Your skill in crafting. Increases as you craft items.

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