In the Harvest Moon games, stamina is a crucial factor in your everyday work; it's what keeps you going. The more you work, the more your stamina decreases. If you over-do it and lose all of your stamina in one work shift, you will pass out.

Consequences for this vary in the different games - for example, if you pass out in the Harvest Moon DS games on any place other than your own farm, typically the person who has rescued you will scam you of the majority of your money. In the Rune Factory games, if you pass out you will end up in the hospital/infirmary and cared for by the local nurse. The same goes for the game Magical Melody.

If you lose all of your stamina and pass out, whether you end up in the nurse's office or in your home, you will wake up late the next day, disabling you from finishing up any tasks from the previous day.

Various different foods can increase or decrease your stamina - certain colored grasses, for example, can have an effect. Poisonous grasses such as the ones colored orange can decrease your stamina, but grasses of the blue or green color can increase it. Other foods can also increase your stamina, including chocolates and wine.

In any Harvest Moon game with a bar, purchasing drinks from the bar may increase stamina.

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