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[edit] Background

There aren't many shops spread about the Valley, but there's quite a few shops in general, if you count the shops that you can reach by phone! Below is a list of all the Valley shops and all the Phone Shops, their hours, their owners and workers, which people visit there and at what time, and a basic description of the shop.

[edit] Valley Shops

You can find these shops around the Valley.

[edit] Blue Bar

Hours: 5PM to 11PM, Closed on Wednesdays
Owner: Griffin
Workers: Muffy
Description: The Blue Bar is just what it's name suggests, a bar. Here, you can buy various drinks, ranging from about 200G to 350G. Buying a single drink from this shop ensures that you will receive a Harvest Sprite. Not only that, but this is a Valley Hotspot, for many people visit this place.

Common visitors are Gustafa, Nami, Rock, and Takukura. If you have Friends of Mineral Town or More Friends of Mineral Town in your GBA slot, you may also see Karen visiting the bar on Tuesday nights. The only others who visit the bar are The pyrotechnic twins, Patrick and Kassey, and Grant.

[edit] Snack Shack

Hours: 8AM to 6PM, Summer only, Closed on Rainy days
Owner: Kai
Workers: N/A
Description: The Snack Shack is owned and run by Kai. This is the Summer Hotspot of the valley during the Summer opening festival, when all of Kai's food is free. Here in the Valley, his shop consists of a simple little stand. His food ranges from dishes such as Salad, to dishes such as Spaghetti. It's a great way to get stamina when you yourself don't have a kitchen, or can't make any food.

Kai's shack, although popular during the Summer opening festival, doesn't receive many visitors. You'll mostly find Rock there, but that's just about it.

[edit] Vesta's Farm

Hours: 4PM to 7PM, Closed on Mondays
Owner: Vesta
Workers: Celia and Marlin
Description: Vesta's Farm carries the same seasonal seeds as the Supermarket, but is open at a later time. It's the Valley's alternative when you cannot reach the Supermarket, due to time, or due to date. However, unlike the Supermarket, Vesta's Farm has her own special selection of fruit trees and grapevine seeds. Her work hours are short, for she, along with Celia and Marlin, are usually out and about in the fields. The shop will only be open if she is behind the desk, otherwise, even if you can enter the shop, you cannot buy any seeds.

You may find Marlin, Galen, and Patrick residing within the shop, before or around opening hours on certain dates. On other dates, only Marlin and Celia will be in the shop around opening hours. Normally, Vesta will be found in the shop around 5PM, an hour after opening hours.

[edit] Van's Shop

Hours: 10AM to 6PM, Only open on dates with a 3 or 8 in them.
Owner: Van
Workers: N/A
Description: Van's small shop is located on the second floor of Ruby's Inn. His desk consists of a simple orange cart, where you can also find a Harvest Sprite. He sells interesting items, that include the Harvest Goddess earrings and the Kappa hat, but he will also buy items that you cannot ship. Examples of that would be Sprite Casino prizes, and extra seeds that you don't need. He also offers different prices, so you can bargain with him to get either a higher, or a lower price. Although that only works when you're selling something.

Since Van's shop only consists of an orange cart on the second floor of Ruby's Inn, he doesn't really receive any visitors, but rather, is a visitor himself.

[edit] Phone Shops

You can access these shops through the telephone in your house.

[edit] Poultry Farm

Hours: 11AM to 4PM, Closed on Sundays
Owner: Lilia
Workers: Popuri
Description: Although Popuri's mother, Lilia, is the rightful owner of the Poultry Farm, Popuri is the one who handles all the phone orders. She loves all types of birds, whether they be Chickens or Ducks, and that's just what she sells! But, she'll only start selling ducks after you have Gotz build you a pond. Needless to say, she also sells bird seed for your hungry Poultry.

[edit] Yodel Ranch

Hours: 10AM to 3PM, Closed on Sundays
Owner: Barley
Workers: Rick
Description: Sweet old Barely is far too old to take phone orders, so Rick fills in for him! Owning just about anything and everything related to livestock, this is the perfect shop to call in order to get a Cow or Sheep. Not only does this shop sell Livestock, and, of course, fodder for them, but it also sells animal medicine! So this is a key shop to call when you have any type of Livestock or Poultry, since they can die if they're sick and you don't own any animal medicine.

[edit] Supermarket

Hours: 9AM to 5PM, Closed on Tuesdays and Sundays
Owner: Jeff
Workers: Karen
Description: Karen helps her father man the store by taking the phone orders. Her stock consists mostly of cooking ingredients, but it also holds the basic seasonal seeds. Although, if you want orchard or vineyard seeds, you'll need to visit Vesta. You must buy at least one item from her shop for ten days straight to unlock the TV Shopping channel, a sprite channel only accessed by phone. Karen will have a blue feather in stock if any of the bachelors -normal, special, or mineral- are at an orange heart.

[edit] Saibara the Blacksmith's

Hours: 10AM to 4PM, Closed on Thursdays
Owner: Saibara
Workers: Gray
Description: Gray takes the phone orders for his grandfather, who rightfully owns the shop. If you want your tools upgraded, Gray is the man to call! He'll upgrade your tools for a price, that is, if you're willing to go out and mine the ores needed.

[edit] Gotz Construction

Hours: 11AM to 4PM, Closed on Saturdays
Owner: Gotz
Workers: N/A
Description: Gotz is known for his speedy services in construction. He's the one that builds all the necessity's on your farm, such as a storage shed, coop, silo or barn. He's also the man to call if you need to upgrade your house. You can save money if you have the amount of fodder/lumber/material stone/golden lumber needed to build the building of your choice. If you don't, well, it's going to cost you a pretty penny.

[edit] Church

Hours: 12:30AM to 4PM, Closed on Saturdays and Sundays
Owner: Pastor Carter
Workers: Stu
Description: Little Stu is helping Pastor Carter by -at times- managing the Church's phone. The church is your place to call if you need a cursed item to be blessed. But of course, they'll ask for a generous donation in return.

[edit] TV Shopping Channel

Hours: 9AM to 6PM, Open daily
Owner: Venus
Workers: N/A
Description: The TV shopping channel is the place to call if your looking for a little decorative touch for your house. Here, you can buy many items, including but not limited to, a table, a clock, and a big bed.

[edit] May's Tailoring

Hours: 9AM to 3PM, Closed on Wednesday
Owner: May
Workers: N/A
Description: Little May is running her own shop! She carries all the latest fashion and interior designs in her store. At the beginning of the game, she'll already have a couple of items in stock, but be sure to check back every once in a while. You wouldn't want to miss that special outfit to wear to your wedding now, would you?

Please Note: All shops are closed during festivals.

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