Shops (HMDS)

In Forget-Me-Not Valley, there are three different kinds of shops that you are able to buy items from. Six of them are accessed from the telephone inside your house, two are inside of the Sprite Tree by Goddess Pond, and four are run by different villagers around the town.

The Shops are:

The Saibara Blacksmith, Run by Gray, Who upgrades your tools or sells useful ones. (Telephone)

Vesta's Farm, Run by Vesta herself, That sells Seeds for plants that are in season. (Town, In shed next to house)

Blue bar, Run by Griffen, Which sells Drinks that replenish Stamina and lowers Fatigue. Open Monday trough Sunday at 5:00 pm. (Town, Building next to Well)

Kai's Summer food, Run by Kai, Sells Food to replenish Stamina and Cut Fatigue. (Town, At beach, Open only during Summer)

Van, Run by Van the van, Who buys Items from you and Sells you the Dvd player and Bodigizer&Turbo jolt, With other miscellaneous items. (Town, In the upper floor of the Inner Inn.) The Church, Run by an unknown Person from mineral town, Purifies Cursed Items or removes them. (Telephone) Chicken Shop, Run by Popuri, Sells Chicken, Duck, And Bird feed. (Telephone)

Supermarket, Run by Karen, Sells Ingredients For cooking, Gifts, a Blue feather(At orange heart) Rucksacks, and a Basket. (Telephone) The Cow Shop Sells Cow and Sheep, Along with a touch glove To interactively Pet, Milk/shear,Wash, And brush your animals. (Telephone) The Building shop, Run by Gotz, Lets you build additions to your house, Build sheds, And build a cottage when you buy a Cottage. (Telephone) The Prize corner, Run by A Harvest sprite, Sells Relax Tea leaves, Special Plants, A red cape,And diffrent gloves. (Sprite Tree, Back room.) And finally, The Harvest Shop, Run by Jet, Sells Harvest moon TCG(OMFG! COLLECTORS ITEMS!)Cards,Hats, Friendship pendants, And Stamina boosting and Fatigue cutting Items.

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