Secrets and Tips (HM 3)

Babies - You can only have a baby if you're playing as a boy. If you get married as a girl, then the game will end. The babies are eventually able to walk, but they won't grow up any more than that.

Getting the Fridge - Believe it or not, there are actually a few steps you must go through before you can buy the fridge.

  • Step One: The Mountain Explodes!

Obviously you can't control when this happens. However, once it does, head on to step two.

  • Step Two: Head to the Top

Once the mountain explodes all of your crops are ruined. This sucks, but there's hope! Follow the path to the top of the mountain and enter the cave. At the end of the cave will be a blue rock (glacier).

  • Step Three: Go to the Mainland

Snatch up the glacier and quickly head on over to the mainland. Talk to Lucus and he will ask if you want to turn your storage bin into a fridge! Say yes, and there you have it.

Lots of Items - Gather all the items in the mountain. Leave the area, and when you come back the items will have reappeared! You can get as many as you like.

Stashed Gold - There is 1000G in your chimney. Save it for when you really need it!

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