Secrets and Tips (HM64)

[edit] Secrets and Tips

Here are some secrets and tips from Harvest Moon 64.

Better Milk and Wool

Let your sheep or cow get sick. Then buy it some medicine and give it to them. The next day their milk/wool will be worth more. It wouldn't be wise to do this if you're trying to get the party picture. Start a Forum thread on this item

Free Medals

Buy horse or dog medals as you usuall would. But instead if pressing 'A' to confirm it, press 'B'. You know, on the button where it says you're done. It'll count that you bought the medals when really you haven't spent a cent!

Free Wine

But the glass bottle from Rick at the Flower Festival. Go to the Vineyard and go into the shed where they store the wine. Use the bottle when you are near the wine barrels. Your bottle will fill up and you can drink the wine. This is an easy (and cheap!) way to build up your alcohol tolerance.

Rick's Weather Vane

When it comes to the Winter season, dig in the mines until you reach the 4th floor. You might just find a weather vane, and when you do go and give it to Rick. He'll thank you and tell you how it belonged to his grandmother, who happened to be an inventor. In return, he'll give you something, as a way of saying thank you.

Karen Quickly

Want to get Karen up to a red heart quickly? It's easy! First you have to find where she's hanging out. Bring your dog to her and show her. For every 50 or so times you show her your dog, her heart level will go up by one colour. It may take a little while to do but it's well worth it. Start a Forum thread on this item

Poor Death

If you speak to Ellen after the second year, it'll look like she's sleeping. Unfortunately though, you'll actually be witnessing her slowly passing away.

Music Box

Once you get the music box you can give it to the girl you like. It will make them like you even more! You can always re-dig up the music box any time you want. Here are the steps on how to get it. 1. Press 'A' at the tree near the pond in your farm. You should get a treasure map! It tells you where to dig. 2. Go to your doghouse and walk straight across your field. Stop when you're under the tree. Make sure that you're still right across from the doghouse though. 3. Dig on the same spot over and over again until you get the music box. 4. Bring it to Rick. You have to be friends with him. He'll volunteer to fix it up for you. 5. Bring it to the girl of your choice and talk to her. She'll comment about the music box and then you can give it to her! This present will make her like you quite a bit more.

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