Secrets and Tips (GBC)

Here are a few things that might help you out or enhance your HM:GBC experience.

Different Crops - You can grow carrots and eggplants if you begin your name with a capital letter. If you begin your name with a lower-case letter you will be able to grow peanuts and broccoli. If you use a symbol as the first letter of your name you'll be able to grow all four of the crops.

Free Watering Can and Seeds - If you play as a girl you'll get a watering can for free. You'll also get one bag of turnip, potato, and grass seeds.

Quick Aging Cow - First things first - you need to be a boy and have 10000G for this to work. Buy one cow and begin its name with a symbol. Then buy another cow and do not begin its name with a symbol. The first cow you bought will grow into an adult on the first day. Pretty spiffy.

Spare Change - You'll find 1000G in the drawers next to your bed. Maybe you should keep it there until you're really low on cash.

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