Rune Factory

Rune Factory is a newer take on the Harvest Moon games; the title even says "A Fantasy Harvest Moon".

The main difference between the traditional Harvest Moons and Rune Factory is that in Rune Factory, much of them gameplay is focused on battling monsters in caves. The protagonist, Raguna, walks into a village with no memory of who he is or where he comes from; he passes out in front of a young girl's house; the girl's name is Mist. She takes you in by giving you a house to stay in and a farm to work on.

There are eleven eligible bachelorettes/brides, each with their own circumstances/ways of getting proposed to and married; Bachelorettes:












Other villagers are Camus, Cecilia, Edward, Emmett, Godwin, Ivan, Jasper, Jean, Lady Ann, Leo, Lukas, Neumann, Nicholas, Russell, Sabrina, Wesley, and Zavier.

These are the caves in the game that must be beaten:

Carmite Cave

Toros Cave

Clemens Cave

Mt. Gigant

Misty Bloom

Kasimir Cave

Danann Cave

Greed Cave

Other information about gameplay:

The story takes place on the border of the country of Norad, in the village of Kardia. At the beginning of the game, Mist declares you as an Earthmate, or a person with the ability to listen to the earth's voice. She also says that she beleives you are meant to farm. Your purpose in the village of Kardia is to figure out the mystery behind the monsters that are swarming the land, and also to find out who you are.

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