I know exactly what you are thinking, "What the heck is a Rooney?" Rune Factory Frontier introduces Rooneys to the Rune Factory Series. Runeys affect the growth of plant in the area, so if there are none in an area, the plants will wither. The more Runeys you have in an area, the faster plants in that area will grow. But they need food to survive. So what do they eat? They eat each other. (Note: Name might actually be Runeys)


[edit] Areas

Runey distribution is divided into several areas. Don't think that the only place you need Runeys is in the Homestead. Remember that the runeys in ALL of the areas need to be balanced for the crops in your dungeon to grow.

Runeys in the Mountain Pass, Observatory
  • Lake Poli

Water Runeys thrive here the best. If there are no runeys in this area, the fruit-bearing trees will stop producing fruit.

  • Mountain Pass

Where Tree runeys grow best. Keep the runey population here high while you're in the Green Ruins. A tree automatically grows here, which will make an opening to the next dungeon. If the runey population is low, the tree won't grow fast, and you'll be in for a long wait.

  • South District

Grass Runeys grow here the best.

  • Business District

Rock runeys are very comfortable in this area. Nothing will happen if the runeys disappear here.

  • Public Square

Rock runeys grow here very well. Nothing will change if the runeys are gone in this area.

  • Church District

Tree runeys can populate here best. It's a large area, and there are naturally a lot of runeys here. Keep the population above 10 runeys of each type, just in case.

  • Road to Beach

Grass runeys thrive here easily. Nothing will happen if the runeys disappear in this area.

  • Beach

Water runeys are usually the dominant type of runey here. Again, nothing will happen if the runeys disappear.

  • Homestead

All runeys grow equally well in your farm. If the number of runeys here disappear, your crops will die. The more the runeys, the faster your crops will grow. This is the most important area to keep the runey population high.

Note that the game will randomly place runeys in an area every season.

[edit] Effect

The runeys greatly influence the whole game. How do they do it? By speeding and reducing the growth of crops, opening doors and influencing the weather.
When there are no runeys in your farm, your crops take 4.5 times as long to grow; even the crops in the caves will start to wither if the runeys in your areas aren't balanced correctly. However, if your farm is at the maximum amount of runeys it can hold, which is 60 of each type of runey, then your crops will grow almost twice as fast! Be sure to watch out for the runey populations in the other areas, since your crops aren't the only type of plants they affect.

[edit] Runey Types

[edit] Gathering Runeys

Gathering runeys is simple. First, get the Harvester from Candy. The harvester serves many purposes, but it's main one is for gathering runeys. To gather runeys, simply stand below a group of runeys floating around in the air, then press A or shake the Wii remote to suck hem up. They will be placed in your inventory. Each type of runey can be stacked up to 99, and shipped just like any other item. Runeys only have one level: Each are in level 10. You can hold them in your hand and set them free outside, nut not inside dungeons or houses.

[edit] Runey Distribution

To view the runey distibution in the areas, talk to Candy or look at the diagram south-east in the 2nd floor of the Clock Tower.

Gray means there are no runeys in that area.

Red means the runeys in that area are in danger of going extinct.

Green means the runey population is OK.

Gold means that there are a lot of runeys in that area and that area is doing very well.

[edit] Food Chain

Rooney Food Chain

As stated before, Rooneys eat each other. In the Japanese version:

  • Tree eats Grass
  • Grass eats Stone
  • Stone eats Water
  • Water eats Tree

However, in the North American version:

  • Water eats rock
  • Rock eats Tree
  • Tree eats Grass

[edit] Relation to Monsters

Some say that the Monsters are physical manifestations of runeys, therefore, runeys have a connection to monsters. So to make the monster breed, or give birth, a Rune Stone is needed. You can make a rune stone by performing a Rune Wonder from Candy, and simply handing it to a monster in your barn will make it lay an egg. It doesn't matter what kind of Rune Stone it is, it will make your monster lay an egg, which will eventually hatch into the same type of monster you gave the Rune Stone to.

[edit] Rune Wonders

Rune Wonders are miracles performed by spirits. To start a Rune Wonder, talk to Candy, or leave a note on the south-east corner of the second floor in the Clock Tower. Making Rune Wonders requires a specific amount of runeys, so be sure to take some with you. The Rune Wonders take effect the next day. By performing a Rune Wonder, you can even prevent a hurricane from happening the next day. Remember than the rune wonders you can wish for changes in season.

Rune Wonders:

  • Create a Rune Stone: Creates a rune stone of any chosen element. Rune Stones can be used for a variety of things, like forging weapons, and opening doors. You can wish for this in any season.

You need 10 of one type of runey to make a rune stone.

  • Fruit Day: Fruit grows faster the next day. You can wish for this in any season.

You need 6 Tree Runeys to wish for a Fruit Day.

  • Mushroom Day: You'll find more mushrooms than normal the next day. You can wish for this in the Fall.

You need 3 Grass runeys and 4 Rock runeys to wish for a Mushroom day.

  • Bamboo Day: You'll find more Bamboo Shoots then normal the next day. You can wish for this in the Spring.

You need 3 Grass runeys and 4 Rock runeys to wish for a Bamboo Day.

  • Grass Day: Grass grows faster the next day. You can wish for this in any season except Winter.

You need 6 Grass runeys to wish for a Grass day.

  • Fish Day: The fish bite more, and are easier to cath the next day. You can wish for this in any season.

You need 6 water runeys to wish for a Fish day.

  • Sunny Week: There will be a higher chance of a sunny day for a week. You can wish for this in any season.

You need 1 Grass runey. 1 Tree runey and 1 Rock runey to wish for a Sunny week.

  • Rainy Week: There will be a higher chance of rain for a week. You can wish for this in any season except Winter.

You need 12 Water runeys to wish for a Rainy week.

  • Snowy Week: There will be a higher chance of snow for a week. You can wish for this in the Winter.

You need 12 Water runeys to wish for a Snowy week.

  • Friendship Day: The monsters in your barn will have their affection increased for you the next day. You can wish for this in any season.

You need one of every kind of runey to wish for a friendship day.

[edit] Runey Calculator - for Rune Factory Frontier

[edit] Background

As previously mentioned, Runey balance is very important in the game. Without Runey balance, crops will grow very slowly and Runey levels deplete very fast. Though the process of gathering Runeys is very easy, determining a strategy of what location to go to and how many to gather can be very difficult. This has become the well known achilles heel of Rune Factory Frontier. Walkthroughs exist, but it is not possible to give an easy step-by-step guide on how to create balance for and particular game situation.

In January, 2012, the Runey Calculator - for Rune Factory Frontier was real eased on the iPhone app store by Eye of Shooga. This app is a game companion that you use to assist you in balancing Runeys in your game. It takes the task of Runey distribution and offers you a customized walk-through.

[edit] How It Works

Runey Input

The Runey Calculator asks you to input your Runey levels, including the number of Runeys in your backpack. You also enter some other information that will be useful, such as your current location and if you want to incorporate a grass factory.

You hit "Go" and the calculator runs through an algorithm that sets out a tailored Runey balancing plan for you. It will guide you to every location and give you instructions on how many Runeys to gather. All of this is done in a very efficient way. The algorithm minimizes travel time by sending you to areas of excess first and also minimizing backtracking. You are left with perfect Runey balance and are able to move on to other things in the game.

[edit] Other Features

There is a very extensive tutorial on how to use the Runey Calculator. The process is very simple, but it is quite a nice way to get all the details on how to use it.

There are many general tips and pieces of advice that sit in an "Info and Tips" page. This information is of general use for the Runey balancing activities.

[edit] Easter Egg

(Unconfirmed) There is an Easter Egg somewhere in the app.

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