A picture of Rick.
Favourite GiftSpa Boiled Egg / Wine
BirthdateFall 27th
Type of NPCBachelor

A bachelor from Mineral Town, Rick works and owns Poultry Farm with his mother and sister. A sweet and caring guy, Rick can be quite emotional and he is one of the simplest bachelors to pursue. His rival is Karen, a childhood friend of his. Rick can be found in quite a few different games, including all of the Mineral Town ones, and if you connect your copy of MFoMT or FoMT, you can access him in Harvest Moon DS and Harvest Moon DS Cute.

To raise Rick's heart color, it is quite easy. Simply give him anything to do with chickens. Any sized egg, a spa-boiled egg, or even chicken feed, which he will take happily. He also enjoys wine, so you might want to keep that in mind if you do not have a chicken. It also pleases him if you are friendly with his sister Popuri and his ill mother, Lilia. Rick is very cautious around them and takes great care with them, thinking he knows best for Popuri, and he gets upset whenever his father Rod is mentioned, as his father left him and his family to find a flower to cure his mother.

Rick is generally a nice person, unless Kai is mentioned. Rick seems to hold a grudge against Kai for liking his sister, and he doesn't like the way all the other women treat Kai, thinking that the seaside snack shop owner only visits Mineral Town to flirt with the different girls. In MFoMT you can even witness events where Rick will argue with Kai and tell his sister to leave! Funnily enough, his sister eventually gets married to Kai unless you pursue either Popuri or Kai.

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