Restoring the Vineyard

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A long time ago, Karen's grandmother made very profitable, good wine at the Vineyard, but unfortunately, very little of this wine is left, and this puts the Vineyard in trouble. To restore the Vineyard, there are several steps to take.

  1. You must first befriend the bartender. This can be done by giving him lots of Verryberries and Wild Grapes. After you become his friend, he will eventually give you some of the grandmother's old wine.
  2. After recieving the wine, befriend the elves/sprites. They will then ask you about the old wine.
  3. After talking to the sprites about the od wine, go to the pond in the mountain grove (where you find the Goddess), and throw a vegetable in it. Then ask the Goddess to revive the tree in the Vineyard.

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