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If you want to get every recipe then make sure you don’t destroy the small stones that litter your field. A couple of times I’ve done that, since it’s a good way to train up your hammer, and because I hate to have an untidy field, and I just get a little carried away. Seriously, don’t, you need one to make a baked potato (quite simple, potato + small stone) and if you’ve destroyed them all there’s no way you can make it.

Once you've upgraded your house once, you will have a kitchen. From now on, a special shopping program on Saturdays will allow you to buy new utensils. Simply watch it, then use the phone in the Inn to order items. If you don't order an item immediatly, it will be shown again, soon enough. Once you have all the items, a power berry will be sold., before you are returned to your normal Saturday programming.

Most ingredients needed for recipes are easy to find, but there are a few special ones. The only small stones (needed for a baked potato) in the game are the ones in your field. Therefore, if you destroy all of them, you cannot make this recipe. You also need chocolate for a few recipes. You can be given this by girls who like you during the Winter Harvest festival, which takes place on the 14th of Winter. Some girls will give you chocolate cake instead. Once married, your wife will give you chocolate cake, although if she doesn't like you that much (i.e, you offended her after your marriage and her heart droppped to blue) she will give you chocolate.

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