Recipes (AnWL)


[edit] Recipes

You can make various Recipes throughout the game. There are different categories to make the recipes under. To get more categories you need to continue to cook recipes.

[edit] Deserts

Carrot Cake: Ingredients: Carrot, Milk, Egg
Fruit Punch: Ingredients: Fruit, Fruit, Fruit
Icecream: Ingredients Brown Milk, Star Milk
Love Cocktail: Ingredients: Watermelon, Grapes
Peach Tart: Ingredients: Peach, Butter, Egg
Pound Cake: Ingredients: Butter, Milk, Egg
Strawberry Cake: Ingredients: Strawberry, Milk, Egg

[edit] Hors d'oeuvres

Sashimi: Ingredients: fish
Sashimi (S): Ingredients: 2 different fish
Melon pie: Ingredients: Melon, egg, butter
Grape pie: Ingredients: Grape, butter, egg
Strawberry Pie: Ingredients: Strawberry, egg, butter
Fried Mushrooms: Ingredients: Tomato, mushroom, butter
Smooth Veggies: Ingredients: Turnip, carrot, potato
Tempura: Ingredients: Sweet potato, mushroom, wild plant

[edit] Main Dishes

Gratin: Ingredients: Cheese, Butter, Milk
Mushroom gratin: Ingredients: Milk, butter.cheese, mushroom
Meuniere Set: Ingredients: Fish, Butter
Omelet: Ingredients: Egg, Butter
Curry: Ingredients: Potato, carrot, Ruby's spice
Mushroom curry: Ingredients: Potato/carrot, mushroom, Ruby's spice

[edit] Salads

Light Pickles: Ingredients: Turnips
Potamelo Salad: Ingredients: Tomato, Gretoma, Potamelo
Tomacarro Salad: Ingredients: Tomato, Carrots
Tomamelo Salad: Ingredients: Tomato, Melon
Fruit Salad: Ingredients: Tomato, 2 fruits
Marinade: Ingredients: Fish, mugwort, tomato/turnip
Melon salad: Ingredients: Melon, 2 different fruits (No melons)

[edit] Soups

Tomatoma Soup: Ingredients: Tomato, Carrot
Yam Soup: Ingredients: Yam
Fish Stew: Ingredients: Fish, 2 vegetables (Carrot, potato, turnip, yam)
Stew: Ingredients: Milk, potato, carrot
Earth soup: Ingredients: Potato, carrot

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