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[edit] Where to start

The first thing you need to do is head over to Woody's shop! He is the carpenter who will build your chicken coop and barn. Once he builds those, you can begin adding animals to your farm.

To buy animals, go to Blue Sky Ranch. It will be easy to notice because it has a fence, barn, and coop. It is right beside the Riverside property. Go into the main shop. If it is your first time in there, you should trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene is over, you may buy the animals.

[edit] What to buy?

Each animal as its own benefits.

Horse: The horse does not give you any product, but it will help you get around town a lot easier! It's also necessary to have one in order to participate in the horse races. The more you ride the horse, the more stars it gets. The more stars it has, the better it will do in the horse races! You get one star for every 12 hours that you ride the horse. It also works to run into a wall. Even if you're not going anywhere, as long as the horse's legs are moving, it counts as time towards the stars! If your horse wins a horse race, it becomes worth 50,000G

Cows: These are your more profitable animals. They produce milk every day, which can be turned into cheese. The milk itself is quite valuable, but cheese is even more valuable than the milk! Having tons of cows can prove to be a very profitable thing.

Sheep: Sheep wool is even more valuable than milk, but they're not as profitable because they only grow wool after every few days, and do not produce something every single day like a cow. However, like the cows, their wool is even more valuable when turned into yarn!

Chickens: Although their eggs do not sell for much, they're very useful for other things! From gaining stamina to gaining friends, the eggs from your chickens are valuable not to your wallet, but to your relationship with people around the town. They make excellent gifts, excellent food, and are even valuable when turned into mayonnaise! A farm isn't complete without a coop full of chickens to provide fresh eggs.

[edit] Quality

Your animals' products have different qualities. Normal, good, and special. The quality of the products is better if the animals are happier. The more hearts the animals have, the better their product. Each of the qualities can be seen just by what the item looks like.

Eggs Normal: Brown Good: Very white Special: Extremely white with a star on it

Milk Normal: It will be in a silver container with a blue label. The milk will have a yellow/green tint to it. Good: It will be in a silver container with a yellow label. The milk will be slightly more white. Special: It will be a bright golden container. The milk will be very white.

Wool Normal: It will have a gray tint Good: It will be white, but still traces of the gray Special: It will be extremely white, almost shiny.

[edit] Keeping them happy

There are a few things you can do to keep your animals happy and make them like you more.

  • Feed them every day. They like it if you feed them by hand, you will notice hearts go over their head if you do.
  • Talk to them every day, you will see the hearts over their head.
  • Let them outside. If you plant grass outside you don't need to worry about feeding them. But if you have no grass, you will need to go into the barn and get the food yourself and feed them by hand every day.
  • Brush them every day. They like it when you brush them and seem to warm up to you easier if you do that.
  • Chickens: You should pick them up every day.

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