In Rune Factory Frontier, the monsters are your farm animals when you befriend them. Using the Pet Glove, you can befriend monsters in the dungeons, or raise the friendship levels of the monsters you already have.


[edit] Barn

Also known as a "Monster Hut", you can build this by talking to Kross in the South District. Your monsters will be automatically sent here when you befriend them.

[edit] Breeding

A new feature to the Rune Factory series. If you give your monster a Rune Stone, it will lay an egg. Eventually, a monster will hatch from the egg with a higher friendship level and stats.

[edit] Jobs

Most monsters can have assigned jobs to help you in your farm work. You can even ride on top of certain monsters.

Here are the jobs they can do:

  • Water Crops
  • Harvest Crops
  • Mow grass
  • Gather foreign plants
  • Chop branches and stumps
  • Break rocks

[edit] Main Farm Animals

There are 4 main farm animals in this game. They produce your ranch products.

  • Wooly

Wollies look like bunnies and sheep combined together. They act as sheep and produce wool over time. Use the harvester on them to gather wool once it's been befriended in your barn. You can use a yarn maker for the wool.

  • Buffamoo

Buffamoos look like a cross between a cow and a buffalo. They act as cows and produce milk. Use the harvester on them to gather milk once it's been befriended in your barn. You can use a cheese or a yogurt maker for the milk.

  • Clucky

They look like giant chickens. Use the Harvester to get their eggs.

  • Hornet

Hornets resemble huge bees and can be tricky to get them since their needles poison you. Once you befriend them, they'll produce honey over time. Use the harvester to obtain honey once it's been befriended in your barn.

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