Raguna (RF2)

Raguna is the default name of the protagonist you play as in Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon. He has amnesia, which seems suspicious but the full story behind this is not revealed until the very end of the game.

[edit] Background (WARNING: Plot Details Ahead)

As the game opens, Raguna faints outside of Mist's house, after what seems to have been a long journey. Mist wakes him up and, after realizing that Raguna cannot remember anything about himself, tells him to give himself a name. (Here, players can type in their own name for Raguna if they wish.) Raguna is given Mist's spare farm. Suddenly, a monster appears out of nowhere. Raguna destroys the monster, and Mist realizes that Raguna is very good at combat. Eventually, Mayor Godwin learns of this ability, and asks Raguna to help him rid the nearby caves of monsters so that the residents may visit them again.

As the storyline progresses, Raguna learns that the evil Sechs Empire, the militant empire to the west, is behind all of the monsters, and is planning an attack on the little town that he has made his home in, Kardia. A young woman named Lynette appears on several occasions, taunting Raguna and slowly revealing the might of the Sechs. In the final cave (Greed) the creature expected to demolish Kardia - the Grimoire is awoken (as Lynette reveals that Raguna's memories were erased by medicine at the hands of the Sechs Empire), and Raguna sets out to defeat it. He soon realizes that Grimoire is on Kardia's side, and the Sechs Empire is defeated. Lynette decides to remain in Kardia, and becomes one of the eligible bachelorettes.

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