Puzzle de Harvest Moon

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[edit] Background

A new twist to the Harvest Moon series, Puzzle de Harvest Moon is a unique game which involves fast paced thinking as you solve puzzles to harvest your crops and help with your farm! Play as any of the main bachelors or bachelorettes from Mineral Town (not including the "special" marriage candidates, the Harvest Goddess, Kappa, Won and Gourmet), or Claire (her name misspelt as Clair) and Jack, the protagonists in MFoMT and FoMT! Experience four modes of play, and enjoy as you discover and create new tactics to make your farm the best.

[edit] Information

Console: Nintendo DS
Genre: Puzzle
Developer: Crave Entertainment
Perspective: Flat side view
Publisher: Natsume
Release Date: October 2007 [NA]

[edit] Features

  • Play as your favorite Mineral Town characters!
  • Four modes of play!
  • Up to four people can play in the multiplayer mode!
  • Make your farm the best of the best.
  • Learn new tactics and solves lots of puzzles!

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