Powerberry Locations (HM64)

[edit] Powerberry Location

There are 9 Powerberries and one special blue Powerberry. Here are their locations.

1st Powerberry

Hoeing your fields. This Powerberry will appear randomly.

2nd Powerberry

Go to the Goddess pond with full strength. Throw in a crop from your farm and wish for strength. The Goddess will give you a Powerberry!

3rd Powerberry

Go to the Fisherman's pond during winter if you have a golden hammer. Smash the giant rock with a full charged swing to get a Powerberry.

4th Powerberry

Buy a Powerberry from Sammy the Salesman at the Festival. It costs 1000G.

5th Powerberry

In the mine, dig around until you get to the third or fourth floor. Hoe around until you get a Powerberry. It's tough to get this one. This Powerberry will appear randomly.

6th Powerberry

Win the egg festival for the first time to get a Powerberry.

7th Powerberry

Go fishing off the pier at the beach during Spring. Eventually you'll catch a Powerberry. This Powerberry will appear randomly.

8th Powerberry

Plant a lot of pink cat-mint flowers. Stu will come by one day and ask if he can trade you a marble for some flowers. Say yes, and then bring the marble to the harvest sprites. If you're their friends they will give you a Powerberry for the marble.

Last (9th) Powerberry

Befriend Lillia and Basil. The next year Basil will give you a Powerberry.

Special Powerberry

Catch a fish and toss it into the middle of the fisherman's pond. Note it must be the dead middle or it will not work. If done correctly, an imp will come out and give you a blue Powerberry. This enables you to work in the rain without getting sick.

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