Pets - Grand Bazaar

[edit] Overview

Pets help manage your farm better and faster. They don't produce products for sell but help save you time so you can work on other chores. Pets can be unlocked throughout the year, it can not be sold after purchasing it. Pets come in different colours and there's no advantage for each particular colour. In the game, you may own up to 5 cats, 5 dogs, and 1 horse.

[edit] Cats

Can be unlocked after purchasing 4 or more chickens Can be bought at Enrique's Animal booth at the bazaar for 10,000 G each. Black and White colour are available as soon as you unlock the ability to own cats. Orange and Peach cats can be unlocked after year 3.

[edit] Dogs

Can be unlocked after purchasing a combination of 4 or more cows/sheeps Two different styles: Pointy Eared, Floppy Eared Pointy Eared costs 8,000 G and Floppy Eared costs 10,000 G. Point Eared black and brown are available when you unlocked the ability to own dogs. Floppy Eared brown is available in year 2. The remaining 3 colours are available after reaching year 3.

Cats and Dogs eat pet food. It can be purchased at the local town shop. Each can of food feeds up to 5 cats/dogs. Feed trough in your house can hold up to 3 cans of food.

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