Part-Time Job (StH)

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If you go to Brownie Farm in the morning, you'll be able to help out! The work starts at 8:00 and ends at three. You'll be loaned a milker and a brush. You must talk to and brush the five horses, and you must also brush, talk to, and milk the cow. Also having to take the fodder in the barn and putting it in the bins. There are two extra fodder that you can keep for yourself. When you finish you can leave and get paid. You also get to keep the milk, which you can sell for 150 G. You make more money the longer you stay there, so take your time. If you finish early and you want the most money, just stay there and read a book or something. You get paid 50G an hour. This is the fastest way to earn money early game, but you should really work on other things instead. Do this only if you want a horse. Or if you want quick money.

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