Palermo Shrine (RF2)


[edit] Areas

Note that ALL the areas of Palermo Shrine can only be accessed in the Second Generation.

[edit] Entrance to the Palermo Shrine

You can only enter Palermo Shrine once you have 29 floors in you barn. The 29th floor will have a gaping hole in the ground. The room the hole takes you to is pretty empty. The only thing there is a Save Point in the corner, a spot of sunlight, and a path leading to the rest of the shrine. If you go under the sunlight, there will be an option to go back to the farm. When you have access to the shrine, and new option will be available when you take to your animal to take it with you.

[edit] Great Hall

Many rooms are housed in this area. There are two 'branches' in the north that reach out, as well as three staircases. You don't have any access to the 'branches' at first, so you'll have to take one of the three staircases. One of the staircases is in the west, the other in the center, and the last in the east. The central staircase takes you to B2F Room 4. The room in the center of the hall contains a Monster Generator that sends out 2 demons. By using Inquisitive Waltz in the room, you can find Medicinal Herb, Antidotal Herb, Black Grass, and Silk Cloth.

[edit] B1F East Room

There is a staircase in the center of this screen that leads to B2F Room 7. Near this staircase is a Monster Generator that sends out a Minotaurous. If you go north, you'll be taken to the eastern side of B2F Room 6.

[edit] B1F West Room

Another room with a staircase accompanied by a Monster Generator that sends out a Minotaurous. The staircase leads to B2F Room 1.

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