Orland's Quests (RF2)


[edit] First Quest

Leonel gave Orland some Spinach, but he doesn't really want it. He instead gives it to you. Your reward is... Spinach, of course!

[edit] Second Quest

Orland wants you to deliver a Little Crystal to Barrett. Barrett needs it for teaching purposes. Your reward for this quest is 100G.

[edit] Third Quest

Orland reveals to you that he like collecting insect-related items. He wants you to find him an Insect Jaw to add to his collection. This surprises you! Orland doesn't want you to tell anyone, especially Roy, since 'He can be so annoying'. He tells you that Hornets drop Insect Jaws. After you bring one to him, you (again) ask about his fascination with bugs, but this just annoys him. Your reward is Cherry Grass Seeds.

[edit] Fourth Quest

Like the first quest, Orland just wants to give you something. The item in question is more Cherry Grass Seeds.

[edit] Fifth Quests

Orland thinks Barrett's lessons are too easy. He asks you to speak with Barrett about it. After you've done that, Orland will reward you with 200G.

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