Natalie's Quests (RF2)


[edit] First Generation Quests

[edit] First Quest

Natalie forgot her stethoscope at Herman's house while she was doing a house call. She's too busy to find it herself, so she was wondering if you could do it. The stethoscope is the corner of the bedroom farthest to the left. When you find it, bring it to Natalie. She rewards you with 200G, and a very important item: An Empty Bottle! She explains it's uses for holding medicine, but you don't know where to get medicine. In her clinic, of course! Now when you speak to Natalie at the clinic, there will be an option for her to make a Recovery Potion for you.

[edit] Second Quest

Natalie needs you to deliver some medicine to Byron. He's not actually sick, but the "medicine" is Health It, a vitamin drink. When you give it to Byron, he'll thank you, and asks you to thank Natalie as well. Return to Natalie. She'll thank you, and reward you with 100G. She also asks you if you need any wood. Douglas gave her tons of wood the other day, and she has no use for them. You also get 100 pieces of wood!

[edit] Third Quest

Natalie needs you to talk to Roy. He won't take his shots! He thinks they're scary, so she needs you to convince him otherwise. So how do you get Roy to get over his fear? You tell him that if he doesn't take his shots, Cammy will think he's a chicken! That works, as he gets his shots after you tell him that. When you return to Natalie, she'll thank you, and give you 200G as a reward.

[edit] Fourth Quest

Natalie's going out to search for herbs. No one will be at the clinic, so she wants you to look after it. After she leaves, Cammy comes in, and complains about her stomach ache. You don't know anything about this kind of stuff, so that leaves you to search for Natalie. She'll be at Messhina Valley - Serene Garden. When you bring her back to the clinic, she looks after Cammy. The cause of the stomach ache? A binge. Cammy was feeling upset, so she just ate and ate... and ate! Natalie warns her that she's much to young to go on a binge!

[edit] Second Generation Quests

[edit] First Quest

Natalie wanted to give you something: Missing Page No. 2 of the Cure Spellbook! However, she's lost it, so that leaves you to search for it. The page is at the table in the library.

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