Mushroom Island Events - Sunshine Islands

[edit] Wada's Strength


  • Wada
  • Shea


  • Shea at 6 hearts/35,000FP+
  • Wada at 6 hearts/35,000FP+
  • Shea must not be married

Time & Location:

  • Sunny or Cloudy Days
    • 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM
    • Less than 15 islands raised
      • Wednesdays or Thursdays only
  • Enter Mushroom Island

Outside their tent, Wada and Shea are facing each other. Shea challenged Wada to a fight, which Wada agrees to. This surprises you, but before you can do anything about it, Shea gives his battle cry and attacks Wada. Wada mutters that he is weak, which causes Shea to take a step back. Before they can spar again, you get between them and interrupt the match. A confused Wada asks why you interrupted, and Shea angrily demands you to get out of the way. After facing Shea, you shake your head in disapproval. Shea clears up that they aren't fighting, but practicing! He calls Wada the strongest warrior, and says he must practice to be the strongest. Seeing your disbelief, Shea tells you to hit Wada from behind. After nodding, you head behind Wada, and hit him with your hammer! Afterwards, the screen goes white. Back at the tent, Wada finally comes to. Shea worriedly asks if Wada is okay, but Wada is too confused to answer. He asks what happened, and Shea gives him the details. He also asks if Wada lost to you on purpose. Wada says he was just hungry, and Shea happily announces that Wada lost to his hunger, not you!

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