Mining - Sunshine Islands

Mining is another good way to earn money in Sunshine Islands. Before you can mine, you must have raised Volcano Island, which requires 8 sun stones. Once you have done that, you can visit the island, and venture into the mines to smash some rocks with you hammer, and hopefully, obtain some gems! You can advance deeper into the mines by falling down pit falls, or using your hoe to uncover hidden stairs. Some gems only show up on certain floors, but when you first mine, the gems will be oddly dispersed. After that, it should go into it's normal settings. On floors b1 through b9, the following gems can be found in the rocks.

  • Amethyst (B1)
  • Agate (B2)
  • Fluorite (B3)
  • Peridot (B4)
  • Topaz (B5)
  • Ruby (B6)
  • Emerald (B7)
  • Sand Rose (B8)
  • Moonstone (B9)

Upon reaching floor 10 for the first time, the Harvest Goddess will congratulate you.

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