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                                  harvest moon island of happiness

Mining in HMToT is very hard.But sometimes mining has to be done.Sometimes when you need adamantite you have to go to floor'll need adamantite to make seed maker and all that stuff.It's very hard to get to some of the floors so i invented a way to get down deep down of the mine.

                                            my fast way  

first of all gather up stuff that's eatable and then i mean a lot of them, food, grasses, drinks and soups.Then enter the mine and save.Then walk around until you fall down into a pitfall.When you have fallen down through the pitfall eat something and save again.If you have fallen down to far and your stamina is depleted just reload to the other time you saved.

                                    list of stuff you can find

there is all sort of stuff that you can find in the mine and I'm going to show you what i know that you can get.

-junk ore -copper ore -silver ore -gold ore -emerald -ruby -orichalc -mythic stone -mythril ore -adamantite -moonstone -agate -periot -diamond -sandrose

and that's all i know.Keep playing harvest moon!

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