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[edit] Where?

There are two mines.

The first mine, Moonlight Mine, you can access all year long. If you go to the hospital and follow the path (up) that's to the right of the hospital, it should lead you to this mine. There are 100 levels.

The second mine, the Lake Cave, can only be accessed during winter. It is found in the very center of Sunny Lake. In the winter, the water will freeze and you are free to pass over it and enter the mine. This mine also has 100 levels. It's a good idea not to upgrade your hammer during winter and instead mine like you've never mined before. I got lotsa new land with this beautiful mine

[edit] What To Bring

When going into the mine, you should bring your hoe, hammer, and plenty of food to regain stamina. If you are close to fainting, some food can give you that extra boost so you can make it down to the last level of the mine. Good ideas for food are good eggs, herbs, and honey, but pretty much anything you can eat will give you a boost as well.

If you intend to go to the bottom of the Lake Cave, be sure to also bring your fishing rod!

[edit] Going Deeper

There are two ways to go deeper into the mine: digging and falling.

If you use your hoe to dig around the floor, you will eventually find the stairs. These stairs will lead you down the mine one at a time.

If you look at the floor, you will notice cracks, or holes. If you stand on the cracks you will either fall up or down. When the ground breaks and you are about to go through, there will be one of two things over your head. If there is a ? over your head, you will fall up. If there is a ! over your head, you will fall down. Although there is a chance you can fall up, if you fall down you will skip more than one level, sometimes even 5 levels!

[edit] Digging Cheat

If you don't want to waste stamina digging around the floor blindly, you could always find the stairs...just by looking at it! If you look at the floor of the mine (you MUST be moving, either spinning in a circle or walking), you may notice small, skinny lines. They will be black and flickering. There will be two lines, one on the top and one on the bottom. You want to hoe the tile in between these two blocks - the stairs will be there! It's very hard to see at first, but once you find one and see what it looks like, they become really easy to find! This is especially useful on Floor 10, which is a dead end without any ores.

[edit] Smashing Rocks

If you use your hammer to smash rocks in the mines, you will find ores, jewels, and other useful things! The ores are especially useful in upgrading your tools, unless you buy yours from the Junk Shop. Limestone is handy when trying to unlock furniture, and Good Clay is needed to unlock Saibara.

Moonlight Mine

What? Where? Profit?
Junk Ore Rocks 1G
Moonstone Rocks/Crystals 50G
Copper Ore Rocks/Crystals 50G
Silver Ore Rocks/Crystals 100G
Gold Ore Rocks/Crystals 150G
Rare Ore Rocks/Crystals 200G
Topaz Rocks/Crystals 240G
Amethyst Rocks/Crystals 220G
Limestone Rocks 5G
Good Clay Ground 10G
Pontata Root Ground 30G

Lake Cave

Junk Ore Rocks 1G
Limestone Rocks 5G
Moonstone Rocks/Crystals 50G
Copper Ore Rocks/Crystals 50G
Silver Ore Rocks/Crystals 100G
Gold Ore Rocks/Crystals 150G
Rare Ore Rocks/Crystals 200G
Amethyst Rocks/Crystals 220G
Aquamarine Rocks/Crystals 230G
Topaz Rocks/Crystals 240G
Sapphire Rocks/Crystals 250G
Emerald Rocks/Crystals 330G
Ruby Rocks/Crystals 350G
Diamond Rocks/Crystals 500G

[edit] Special Floors

[edit] Lake Mine

In the lake mine, there are special floors that contain only a certain gem or ore.

Floor 05 - Moonstone
Floor 10 - :This floor is a dead end:
Floor 15 - Amethyst
Floor 20 - Aquamarine
Floor 25 - Topaz
Floor 30 - Sapphire
Floor 35 - Emerald
Floor 40 - Ruby
Floor 45 - Limestone
Floor 50 - Diamond

[edit] 100th Floor

On the 100th floor of each mine (which is the last floor) there is something special waiting.

Lake Mine: The bottom of the Lake Mine has a small pond in it. In this pond you can catch the Jamasquid, an extremely rare "King Fish" that can only be caught in the mine.

Moonlight Cave: The bottom of Moonlight Cave is a goldmine for money! If you dig around, you'll find various gold pieces equaling to various amounts of money. Also, if you have unlocked Tim, once you reach the bottom of the mine you will receive a power berry!

[edit] Mine Gas

Sometimes when you break a rock you will notice a colored fog coming out of it. Each color means something different - some are handy, others are not! However, each fog will eventually wear off.

Black Gas: This shrinks the circle of light that surrounds you - it makes it harder to see!
Purple Gas: This flips the controls. For instance, pressing right makes you go left.
Orange Gas: Until this gas wears off, you are paralyzed! All you can do is spin in a circle.
Pink Gas: This is extremely helpful - being in this gas will regain your stamina! Run in it as long as you can!
Yellow Gas: You will be able to run at a really fast pace around the mine floor if you get this gas.

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