Mining (RFF)

Trophies and Ores can be obtained by exploring and mining in any of the Dungeons. To mine, simply equip your hammer and smash the dark grey rocks in the dungeons. You can tell them part from normal rocks by their color, and size, since they are about as tall as Raguna. Mining helps you obtain ores, however, mining isn't the only way you can acquire them, as certain monsters sometimes drop ores.

[edit] Ores

Name Flavor Text Price
Scrap Iron A shredded, rusted piece of metal. Pretty useless, actually. But you're still kinda stuck with it. 10G
Iron The fundamental material of metallurgy. It can be made into weapons or accessories. 40G
Copper Another fundamental material of metallurgy. Blacksmiths really love this stuff. 60G
Silver A silver-colored mineral. Valuable because of its many different uses. Takes real skill to forge. 90G
Gold A golden-colored mineral. A shiny metal used since the ancient era. 135G
Amethyst It is said that it is imbued with special powers. Represents peace of mind. 200G
Aquamarine It has a rich blue colour like the deep sea. Represents calmness. 200G
Ruby A crimson jewel. The reflected light looks like stars. 200G
Emerald The beautiful green colour draws attention. Flawless once are more valuable. Represents happiness. 200G
Sapphire It can be pink, blue, yellow, or green. Represents love 200G
Diamond Considered the 'King of Jewels'. It is very hard and difficult to crush! 720G

[edit] War Trophies

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