Mining (MFoMT)

You will need to mine to completely finish the game. You can find ores, jewels and other things that will help you. Mines have different levels, to find a staircase till the land until you find a set of stairs. Then say “yes” to go down. The further you go the better stuff you can find. It goes 255 floors deep. But be sure to be cautious, mining takes lots of energy so it's a great idea to not only bring helpful food, but to have found the Powerberries that increase your stamina.

[edit] Spring Mine

A screenshot of mining in More Friends of Mineral Town.

This is located by the hot spring and waterfall. You find ores here that help you upgrade your tools.

Levels that the items are on:

Junk Ore - Any
Copper Ore - Any
Silver Ore - Any
Gold Ore - 3 and Below
Mystrile Ore - 5 and Below
Adamantite - 10 and Below
Orachalic - 10 and Below
Goddess Jewels - 60,102,123,152,155,171,190,202,222
Power Berry - 100
Teleportation Stone - 255

[edit] Winter Mine

This is located in the middle of the lake in mother’s hill. You can only get to it during the winter though since the lake will be frozen. Here you will find the cursed tools, kappa jewels and normal jewels.

Levels that the items are on:

Agate - All floors except 50,100,150,200
Alexandrite - 50,100,150,200,251 and below
Amethyst - All floors except 50,100,150,200
Diamond - Floors that end in 0(10,20,etc)
Emerald - Floors that end in 5(5,15,etc)
Fluorite - All floors except 50,100,150,200
Moon Stone - Floors that end in 8(8,18,etc)
Peridot - All floors except 50,100,150,200
Pink Diamond - 30,70,90,110,130,170,190,255
Ruby - All floors except 50,100,150,200
Sand Rose - Floors that end in 9(9,19,etc)
Kappa Jewels - 0,40,60,80,120,140,160,180,255
Power Berry - 19

Cursed Tools:

Cursed Fishing Rod - 29
Cursed Hoe - 39
Cursed Ax - 49
Cursed Hammer - 59
Cursed Watering Can - 69
Cursed Sickle - 79

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