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[edit] Unlocking Mini Games

At first, there will only be a few mini games available for you to play. To unlock them you must fish, climb mountains, and attend festivals! It won't say if you've unlocked a mini game during game play, so be sure to check the mini game option in the title screen often.

Unlocking Each Mini Game

  • Counting Colliseum ~ Automatically available
  • Truf battles ~ Automatically available
  • Horse Race ~ Attend any Horse Race festival
  • Fishing Masters ~ Catch a fish
  • Swimming Festival ~ Attend the swimming festival
  • Climb Hustle ~ Reach the top of the mountain
  • Hammer Mine ~ Hammer a rock in the mine

[edit] Four Times The Fun!

You can connect another controller in any socket to go up againts a friend! Some of your friends may want different mini games, that's why there's a variety of them to choose from. If you can't decide on a mini game, you could always hit the 'random' button to randomly choose a mini game fore you.

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